Hello guys, if you know me, I love to cook and I love to eat. With that being said, I am always looking for exciting dishes to satisfy my palate as well as the readers.

Sadly, I have disappointed my readers because some of my prior foodie stories were read by many. However, I am back in the spring of thing to help you plan a new aperitive menu that would be a delight to all.

Calaudia Roden’s ‘Mediterranean’ Treasured Recipes From a Lifetime of Travel, was very appealing book to me. The reason it was appealing, I have always been enthralled by the Mediterranean’s culture.

In the book the world-renowned food writer Roden takes you on a culinary journey across the Mediterranean. It is as if you are sitting at the dinner table in France, Greece, Spain, Egypt and Morocco, if you will.

If you like it spicy and sort of a vegetarian, then this dish will clear your hunger. (Grain) Served with Arabian rice, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric and saffron threads, just to name a few. The Spiced Saffron Rice is a great side dish for any meal.

There is Turmeric Rice with Spinach and Yogurt Sauce, and Herbed Rice with Tomato Jam, just to give you some ideas. Then there is the conch-shaped ridged Sardinian pasta Malloreddus, which is needed for Malloreddus Al Caprino Fresco.

This dish is surely Italian, and looks easy to prepare at home. If you don’t have the Malloreddus, just used ridged penne.

It serves 4, and if you can’t find goat cheese, just get creative. I love a good Seafood, so here goes the next meal to prepare on the menu.

Fish Tartare with Tomato Vinaigrette looks tempting, with lemons, tomatoes, salmon, salad greens and honey. Don’t forget the Crab Salad.

The Crab Salad will tempt anyone to ask for seconds. So, we are not going to spoil the contents, just click below to order now. Four Star rating by me.


Here is the link to the book, so you can see for yourself.



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