December 29, 2021

New Year’s Eve is a time for leaving the old in the past and partying very safely

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Get out and enjoy all that the New Year has to offer. But do it with caution, we are still in a Covid-19 protocol phase. I am sure you are watching the headlines, where a lot of sports’ celebs are getting sick.

What are we eating this New Year’s Eve and other quirky moments to follow?

I am not a big going out to the clubs, popping champagne bottles for NYE person. However, I do not want you to be like the Jones.

Get out and enjoy all that the New Year has to offer. But do it with caution, we are still in a Covid-19 protocol phase. I am sure you are watching the headlines, where a lot of sports’ celebs are getting sick.

Moreover, U.S. cities are also returning to the mask mandate. Even in Missouri where you have the Attorney General battling for the larger metros St Louis and Jackson counties souls.

Nonetheless, we are not going to talk politics or spoil the holiday. New Year’s Eve is a day of leaving all of 2021 behind. A moment to reflect on a year that we all thought would be a new back to normal.

Well I am here to bring you my recipe for a comforting quiet night at home. Yet if you like, I will make it a recipe where you may invite at least 10 people, but they must mask it up.

I remember years ago, I had a huge NYE’s celebration, and it was down to all the T’s. We had bottles, food and party favors and of course one fight.

But I digress.

What you will need for my party of 10:

  1. 30 pound bag of wings
  2. 3 bottles of Durkee Red Hot Sauce, or if you have a friend that make hot sauce just grab that then.
  3. Small cup of jalapenos peppers-I pickled my own.
  4. Season salt
  5. Black pepper
  6. Sea salt- heck it is NYE so we can sodium it up a bit
  7. A head of lettuce
  8. Miracle whip dressing
  9. Jar of raw honey
  10.  Olive oil
  11. Ground round beef, ham and turkey slices
  12. Ragu tomato sauce, paste and sliced tomatoes
  13. Onions, green peppers
  14. Shredded cheese: Mexican, cheddar, American, mozzarella
  15. Mostaccioli pasta 3 boxes

Now, skipping the rest of the items, let’s get to cooking before the 10 get in. First, brown the beef in the skillet. Chop up the lettuce, and season the wings.

So, you have pasta, start boiling it, and make sure you have enough shredded cheese for it as well. The ground beef will be used as a added flavorful touch.

Get the air fryer ready or if you are deep flying have that oil hot and ready. Now the olive oil listed is not the oil to use to fry the chicken. The olive oil is needed for the hot wings sauce mixture.

You are using the lettuce to make a seven layer salad, so the first layer is lettuce, then one of the shredded cheeses, then lettuce, then one of the meat slices and then lettuce again. Until you each another layer, you add the last slice of meat, then cheese.

Secondly, you mix the honey with the dressing, stirring it like cake batter. Then you pour it on top of the layers. Next, you add the sliced onions, saving the green peppers for the tomato sauce. (Please note I add sliced tomatoes and cucumbers to my salad as well)

After you put the onions on top of the dressing, add any remaining slices of meat and cheese. Chill it.

The wings should be frying, and time to make the hot sauce. Mix the hot sauce with olive oil and a dab of honey, sliced jalapenos and some catsup.

Steam the sauce and set aside. When wings are done, just pour the sauce over them, the way you like.

The pasta should be ready, so add the tomatoes, paste, and Ragu. And then add the meat, cheese, onions and green peppers.

There you go, you have hot wings, pasta and a delicious layered salad. Now, I know everyone is bringing a bottle, so always have wine in the cellar for the effect.

Enjoy your New Year and be safe from The Narrative Matters.

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