December 31, 2021

The Last two black female comic book illustrators from the Top 10 list Part 4

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Photo By:Robyn Smith

Robyn Smith is a Jamaican cartoonist known for her mini-comic The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town, illustrating DC Comics' Nubia: Real One (written by L.L. McKinney) and Black Josei Press' Wash Day (written by Jamila Rowser).

We are at that moment where we have countdown to our last two black female illustrators. These are some remarkable women who have contribute greatly to the art of illustration.

Some of these women you would’ve had no idea were part of something so popular. Even though they come from different parts of the scene, they all have one thing in common.

You know who they are and what they bring to the drawing board day in and day out.

No. 9, is Micheline Hess, born in New York City, and she started her comic book career in the early 90’s working at Milestone Comics as a colorist. She writes and illustrates graphic novels, short stories, and interactive iBooks for kids but is best known for her comic book series Malice in Ovenland and graphic novel Diary of a mad Black Werewolf.

Courtesy of Book Girl

Finally, no. 10, Robyn Smith is a Jamaican cartoonist known for her mini-comic The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town, illustrating DC Comics’ Nubia: Real One (written by L.L. McKinney) and Black Josei Press’ Wash Day (written by Jamila Rowser).  She has an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies and has also worked on comics for College Humor, Nike, and The Nib. She loves cake and her cat, Benson, and holds onto dreams of returning home to the ocean.

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