Are you searching high and low for the right gifts this holiday season? And not just something for the kids.

Do you know of anyone who is suffering from weather changing ailments? Then CBD is your answer.

So, this season, for all those friends and family who are left with the agonizing knee pain, anxiety or just simply arthritis.

CV Science, the company that carries a fine line of CBD products has you covered. From their gummy infused candies to their CBD oils. There is something for everyone who suffers from some sort of condition.

You can save money with the bundle package, with the Recovery or Wellness bundles. First, The Recovery Bundle is completed with Roll on CBD oil, CBD soft-gel capsules and the soft chew gummies.

Each one is infused with CBD, a cousin of marijuana, made directly from a hemp plant. Lastly, The Wellness bundle is completed with the CBD Peppermint Spray, a 60 ct., soft gel capsules and 30 ct., soft gel capsules.

The Wellness Bundle:

For ultimate wellness with CBD, buy this CBD bundle for the full spectrum of our hemp extracts. Our refined Maximum Formula softgels contain our highest levels of CBD – 50 mg in each one. Our Original Formula contains a balanced blend of CBD and hemp phytonutrients.

And then our Raw Formula softgels contain the most hemp in each one: in addition to the CBD, there’s CBD Acid (CBDA) with its own unique effects on gut health. Also, there’s the terpenes that makes the cannabinoids work better, and there’s the fatty acids that our brains and bodies use as building blocks to produce our own endocannabiniods.

As a result, studies have shown that CBDA can affect levels of serotonin, a chemical produced by nerve cells to aid in signaling between cells. Serotonin is vital to core human functions like motor skills, sleeping, eating, digestion, and emotions.

This Wellness Bundle runs the gamut from refined CBD goodness to Raw hemp health power. So, try it today to experience health transformed. 

The Recovery Bundle:

Bounce Back Faster After Activity

We’ve got just the thing for after a hard workout: our Recovery Bundle! 

With a CBD roll on for your muscles, gummies for a strong boost of CBD, and Raw Softgels containing a mix of CBD, CBDA, and hemp phytonutrients, it’s just what the body needs for recovery.  

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Courtesy of CV Science

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