The Brig Beer Garden in Washington DC, will be the place to be. On Veteran’s Day, The USASOA Happy Hour celebration will start at approximately 5:30pm.

Area veterans old and new will be in attendance. They will kick off an event to celebrate the men and women who have served. Moreover, there are many other places across the country offering freebies to our national heroes.

Denny’s, Starbucks, Target and many other businesses are set the golden plates out for their vets. But, there was a time when our black veterans didn’t get the same sentiment.

In 1947, Joe Nathan Roberts, a black Navy veteran, who was studying on a G.I. Bill at Temple State University. Tragically, he was abducted and shot, all because he wouldn’t say “Sir” to a white man.

That right there is a sad reminder of how much we’d mattered.

There are memories of the 99 African-American servicemen who were awarded Medals of Honor.Yet, black men and women vets get no love even after fighting and battling for this country.

They’re only truly recognized after death and a flag draping over their coffins.A situation noted from someone close to me.


Veteran’s Day marks the date in history when Germany and the Allies signed a 1918 agreement to end World War 1.

But for our black servicemen the war continued on. Finally, take a look at a black soldier named Charles Lewis.

Lewis was recently discharged from the military, then he was lynched in his uniform, in Hickman, KY, in 1944.

Wow, so much for the care of black veterans.Wherever you are make sure you get out and support your local black veteran.

Mistreatment of our black veterans

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