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I wanted to meet with the award winning promoter/event coordinator in St Louis, who has been generating a lot of buzz from his social event.His Ladies’ Night brand was billed as one of the largest in St Louis during the pre-pandemic era.

Then like a cyclone attacking the surface, Covid-19 arrived and placed a halt on all the fun.

However, promoter Patrick Robinson of Bout Money Entertainment, like any other Independent gig operator, continues to push forward. Now, that we as a nation know what we are faced with; you either get vaccinated or not, but continue to wear masks and social distancing.

So, sit back and enjoy, and it might give you some insights to help your brand.

Why do you think bartenders steal from these black club owners? 

Most of these types of issues come from lack of a standard hiring practice.Stop hiring these people off the streets.Get someone who is more into working and not stealing, when they see an opportunity.

 Is there any way to get clubs to provide better customer service?

Yes. As I said in my previous answer professional training and having someone with a little experience goes a long way.

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What club in St Louis has the best staff and service?

Honestly, that’s a good question but most of the hole in the walls have the best services because most of the staff are older, and are seasoned veterans. You should always have someone who has been in the industry for many years..

As a nightlife promoter where have you been that exemplifies great examples of a high patron’s hot spot?

Again, most of the hole in the walls. In St Louis, you have clubs like Monroe’s, D’ Squared, Bar 922, Gene’s Bar and Starz Bar are all family oriented, and their attention to details will keep them around for ages.  Our large nightclubs mostly are catered towards the younger crowds.

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Name a great entertainer that you think can pull a good show for you?

I would like to bring Mint Condition one day for a Grown and Sexy event..

How long have you been organizing your ladies’ night? 

I have been developing my Ladies’ night brand since 2019. During pre-covid-19, in 2019, my biggest ladies’ night events ran from the spring thru the fall.

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In the future what will you look for when negotiating with a venue for your events? 

First, I would look for how the environment is and what type of crowd the venue attracts. The hospitality of the staff and how much knowledge the owner has in regards to the business in this industry.

Name some top entertaining venues in St Louis?

AL’S Lounge, KJ’S  Bar and Grill, and in the old Cuetopia’s location FAHRENHEIT and Privilege’s.

As promoters, event planners and coordinators begin to rebound from the pandemic, do you see a future endeavor for your brand?

I want to continue to promote that we specialize in marketing, promotion for your businesses.We also provide graphic designing and logos. As a promoter, I want to grow more as a business and venture out with venues in different cities.And with the help of my business partner Missippi, of Gottdammit TV, the Ladies’ Night brand will continue.

I am excited that we got to discuss nightlife, and I wish you the best in St Louis, MO.

Thanks to you and The Narrative Matters for having a platform for the underserved.

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