Who is Joseph Palm?

Joseph Palm is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri, with family roots in Wardell, Missouri.

Mr. Palm received his Bachelors of Communications Studies and Masters in Public Health from Saint Louis University. And in 2009, Palm became the Chief of the Office of Minority Health at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

According to Linkedin, Mr Palm is the Regional Director of The United States Health and Human Services. In addition, he was once a top boxing promoter and coach at Wohl’s Center.

Joseph was distinguished at Ritenour High School and St. Louis University during his educational endeavors. He then became a committeman in St. Louis for the 28th ward, and working as a boxing coach.

An almost tragic accident with carjackers on the city’s north side, gave him the courage to stay focus and live on. He even made jokes about it at the hospital.

But he always had a soft spot for youth, so he still continues to share his time with them.

He has worked with Enterprise Leasing as an executive and as a St. Louis Firefighter. The list is too much to mention, when trying to get to why he matters.

In May of 2022, he was appointed Regional Director of The United States Health and Human Services. As a result of so much hard work and dedication affords him this luxury task.

Kansas City MO:

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver applauded President Biden’s announcement that Joseph Palm has been appointed as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Region 7 Regional Director. Due to his extensive background and experience in public health in Missouri, Congressman Cleaver nominated Mr. Palm for the position earlier this year.



Image by: Metro STL.com

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