It is the holiday season, and as usual I am always ready to bring you the noise. I have had the pleasure of knowing some great Independent talents over years. So, let’s check out my boy Biship.

Hello Biship, how are you?

I am doing great and thanks for having me here.

Tell me about your music?

Everyone who’s familiar with my journey will tell you I bring a HIP HOP vibe but also versatility. Currently, I have 2 songs released under Urban Alliance Music Group that are doing well this 4th quarter: Looking Like She Wanna ft. Kokane (Jerry B.Long) 32.9k plays, and We Do It ft. Shot Bones 9.4k plays, (just released 2 weeks ago). And both are party vibe tracks, that I felt were needed due to Covid-19 changing the game the way it had. 

How long have you been performing?

I’ve been performing for a while with my latest performance being in Ybor City (Florida) with Fresh Kid Ice and the rest of the Chinaman Records family. Unfortunately, he passed away before The Breaking Glass Ceilings TOUR and situation really got a chance to take off. 

Is there anymore unity amongst Independent artists?

I’m starting to see more unity amongst the independent ranks lately. And I’m really liking that because, before it wasn’t easy to get artists to look past ego and build together. With me personally I work with anyone serious about their craft and have their goals set. I’ve got 17 songs I can’t even release because the Artists never go paperwork done and just making music with no solid purpose.  So now I’m selective on whom I collaborate with

Where are you from and where are you based now?

I’m from Harrisonburg, Virginia born there, and just recently moved back to Virginia and living in Hampton, Virginia currently. 

Let’s talk about your team and your former affiliations with some top brass in the music business?

I love my team because we’re all on the same page. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to cut ties in order to step into a brighter light. But once you do you start to notice things weren’t in your best interest from the jump I still have love for those I was once connected with and definitely don’t have any hard feelings.

You use to influence a lot of products, which ones was your favorite?

Yeah I always stay outside the box and want my hands in everything lol. My favorite product was the energy drink #OSO. But once the Hurricane hit Miami and destroyed the warehouse it was hard to get that connection back unfortunately. I enjoyed the vape situation as well but everyone calls me Mr. Business. So, I continue to push forward and search for more solid situations to get my company involved in. 

You’d received your first award recognition in 2017, care to discuss it?

So, this is a crazy story about the Award situation.  I’d just left Florida to go work on a project in Washington state for my album under Chinaman Records since I was an Artist on the roster.  As I’m leaving Washington to go to Tennessee I get a call, asking if I’m coming to the Awards Show in St Louis, MO. I’m like what are you talking about, lol? So, then I’m told I was nominated by my peers in the industry for an award..

That probably was a shocking and proud moment for you.

You are also a shoe designer with the Italian shoe production company called Alive Shoes. How is that increasing your marketing strategy?

Becoming a shoe designer and manufacturer has finally become a reality.  I’ve always wanted to do it ever since I started my company and got my brand off the ground.  I call my design New Vibez.  Currently I have created 3 shoes but only have 1 available for purchase.  Under the New Vibez brand I have the #GOGETTAZ Collection and #FLEX Series. My future products will be a kids shoe and bags along with boots.

Courtesy of William Graves/Alives Shoes

Tell me about your family life?

I have four beautiful children. But my other family, they are all crazy lol. No, but seriously I love my family.I be on the road so much that I’ll be gone years at a time but when I come back into town it’s like I never left.

What is your birthdate and place?

My birthday day is December 12th and born in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear nothing but greatness from you and your team. Oh, and happy early birthday.

I appreciate you doing this interview with me. I’m always ready to talk shop and bring my insight to those who are willing to listen.

Photo courtesy of William Graves


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