The Atlanta that I have always remembered had it many shares of up and down. But it is one of the top destination for any thing that was black.

A lot of colleges, especially HBCU’s, are based there with great results. Because some of the many students have graduated and decided to stay in the area to build their empires.

Atlanta is the transportation hub of the south, it is actually the gateway for commerce and technology. The thriving gay/lesbian lifestyle also figures in Atlanta’s success story.

Moreover, Atlanta is the melting pot and at times has become the melting pit. Former Keisha Lance Bottoms, took to social media a few years back. She expressed her disgust and aggravations during rioting and looting of her city.

She was so much to the point that she wanted everyone that could hear to know, that she was not returning for another term as mayor.

Mayor Andre Dickens
61st Mayor of the City of Atlanta 

We are pleased that the current mayor Mr. Dickens is keeping up with the tradition of blackness. Whilst the city itself is falling on the crazy side, with crime and preternatural behaviors.

In addition to having a huge corporate backing, and over 5 million residents in the metropolitan area. Atlanta is constantly in the news for is outlandish behavior, and people seemingly losing their mind.

In the news, a man is accused of repeatedly strutting naked, relieving himself from midtown high-rise balcony arrested. In Midtown no less, a place where thousands of residents (with high rises, hotels, corporate offices) and tourists roam on a daily.

You Tube

New who apparently is mentally unstable, is either trying to build his fan base or just decided to act a fool.

Here is what the news has to report:

Channel 2 Action News was at the Icon Atlanta on 14th Street and West Peachtree Street when Mercedes New, the suspect, was taken into custody.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones talked to residents who said New was accused of routinely relieving himself from a high-rise unit. Neighbors said it was so bad, they thought about using an umbrella when they walked along the sidewalk.

Jones talked to New as he was being walked to a patrol car, and he denied the allegations against him.

“I’m famous! I’m on TV, bruh,” New said. “I didn’t do this, man. No. I’m innocent. I promise I didn’t do this.”

New also goes by the name Shawty Dred and has nearly a million followers on Instagram.

People who work in the area said New routinely walked outside onto the balcony naked and then relieved himself through the bars of his balcony. Neighbors sent Channel 2 Action News video of New in the act but asked that we not show it on television.

Jones showed the video to people walking in the area.

“That’s disgusting,” a worker said. “What is wrong with these people today?”

Police began investigating after a manager of a nearby high-rise called and complained. Officers went into the building and moments later came out with New in handcuffs.

On his way to jail, New insisted to Jones that it wasn’t him and he didn’t see the video.

Police said the charges New is facing are pending, but one charge is likely to be public indecency.

Neighbors and people who work in the area are just relieved police made the arrest.

“Oh my God, it kind of exceeds the bounds of decency,” worker Anthony Henry said. “You would think that someone wouldn’t even do that in that area where you have people walking by.”

New is currently being held in the Fulton County Jail.

This could be why he has a million followers on Instagram. And I am praying that he got the attention he needed and afterward seeks help.

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