Part 1 we introduced you to the Top 2, part 2 we did The Top 3-5, so now we are on to the Top 6-8. So, sit back and sip that New Year’s Eve wine while we salute these marvelously talented women.

Natacha Bustos is our Top 6th best female comic book illustrator as we wind on down. She has helped bring a lot of beloved Marvel comic book characters to life, from Miles Morales to the Runaways, but she best known for her contribution to the super smart superhero Moongirl series. Bustos grew up in the Spanish town Torremolinos, and was the only person of color there, which as you can imagine, had a profound effect on her self confidence due to the amount of racism she received.

Courtesy of Marvel Draw You can draw Moongirl

No. 7, we get to Ashley A. Woods. She is a comic book artist, writer, & creator from Chicago and has worked on titles such as Niobe, Ladycastle and the Tomb Raider series. Ashley is a Chicago, IL native, born October 15, 1985.

No.8 is Nilah McGruder, who is based in western Maryland. She is a comic book author and illustrator, known for the writing the award winning comic series M.F.K. Magruder has also written for Marvel and illustrated children’s books for Disney-Hyperion, Scholastic, Penguin and is currently illustrating Creaky Acres.

The arts of Ashley

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