The Face of MS

Understanding multiple sclerosis and how to fight it as it turns your body against you.

There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis, but some people can live without symptoms.Those who do have symptoms; they can be chronic and never go away.

Some symptoms:

  1. Vision problems
  2. Tingling and numbness
  3. Pain and spasm
  4. Balance problems and dizziness
  5. Cognitive problems
  6. Sexual dysfunction

I have had several clients who suffered MS, so I must say I am very familiar with the symptoms. One is poor coordinating your balance, blurred vision and constant pain.

My former-late older neighbor Lucy, suffered from the chronic pain and blurred visions, which made her fall a lot.I would visit her often, but she was always fearful of doctors.

I had moved away from the neighborhood, but I’d often stopped in to check up on her. She was more like an older sister, so my worries got the best of me.

She enjoyed cannabis, so illegally she would meet up with the dealers to get high.For so long, my mom and I would encourage her to see a doctor.

A lot of people hide behind cannabis to ease the pain.That is fine, but with MS there is so much else going on.

I had my mom check in on her when I couldn’t. One day my mom got with my friend’s sister and they forced her to see a doctor.

This time, she was acting drunk but she hadn’t drank anything that year.The worst news had come, she was in the 3rd stage of multiple sclerosis.

It was devastating, because she was at a point where she couldn’t see or barely walk.Her boyfriend moved in with her to take care of her activities of daily living.

I felt that was a relief, since my mom was getting up in age, and I didn’t want her around those drug transactions. In the middle 90’s there wasn’t any medical cannabis going on.

My dear friend lived a few years after stage 3, then after stage 4, she had to be hospitalized.She had problems with numbness and her heart just gave out.

When she died, it was so heartbreaking, and my family felt like we lost a sweet dear relative.

Medical experts and celebrities alike, who are living with MS say, it can be managed if caught at the right time.

Celebrities I followed that died from MS:

Richard Pryor-Television comedian/movie actor

TaMara Dobson-Cleopatra Jones black exploitation films

According to Web MD, former talk show host Montel Williams told Oprah Winfrey that the pain has been a challenge since his MS diagnosis in 1999.He currently, is raising awareness about the disease through the Montel Williams MS Foundation.

From Google March 05, 2021:

What do doctors think causes MS?Most experts believe it occurs when a person with a genetic predisposition to MS is exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as a low vitamin D level, smoking, or the Epstein-Barr virus, notes the NMSS.

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