Recently, we re-posted a 6-part story on published by Mike Green. Who is the co-founder, with his Caucasian wife Emily, of Common Ground Conversations on race and relations.

The article was on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and racial injustice. Because at the time of posting it was well over 3,000 words. And we wanted the story broken up into parts.

About Common Ground Conversations

Mike and Emily Green started with a workshop on How to Teach Kids about Race in America. As a result, it blossomed into a national demand for their no-blame, no-shame, and style of introducing audiences to critical new information.

Their educational service offers safe transformative conversations on racial equity and American history. Moreover, with actionable steps toward societal change.

Embracing, new conversations, new immersive activities and easy-to-understand storytelling processes that empower audiences to translate their lessons.

Interactive Energizing Facilitations

In-person and online facilitations introduce your leadership team and staff to paradigm-shifting new knowledge through a lens of historical context.

They catalyze a process of common ground understanding leading to real transformation in workplace environments. CGC on Race is considered the prerequisite to prepare for any other training protocol on race.

Firstly, Knowledge, understanding and transformation is the model that they practice at CGC. CGC has 3 race featured options for their client’s to choose from.

  1. Race Journey- 10 Modules over 5 sessions 2-hour weekly online sessions or 3-hour scheduled in-person sessions Racial equity knowledge through US history Practical tools & Exploratory practices Actionable steps
  2. Race Facilitation- 3-hour interactive Zoom engagement. Paradigm-shifting prerequisite to racial equity training through a lens of historical context.
  3.  Speaking and consulting- They are available for speaking engagements online and/or in person.

Lastly, some of CGC’s clients include colleges and universities, K-12 School districts, non-profits organizations, library systems and many more.

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