You are in panic mode, weeks before the big love day Monday, February 14, 2022. Because for one thing, you dumped that lying boyfriend, just lonely, or your husband will be away on business.

Well there are so many ways to get back in love again. Go buy some candles and some wine and cuddle up to some great reading.

Black authors are coming out of the literary shelf with some great stories. Take New York Times Best Seller Ashley Antoinette, with her book series called Butterfly.

Butterfly tells the story of Morgan Atkins, who entwines with three men in her life. She wants to follow her heart and take risk, but her family will pay the price eventually.

Butterfly is told in 3 parts, 3 different books by Ashley Antionette, and it is sure to keep your mind occupied. Best Laid Plan is also an African- American story, that finds a Miami single dad searching for his missing daughter.

This novel was written a few years ago by Brick & Storm, and is published by Urban Books. It will keep you pouring that wine, and forgetting your loneliness all at one sip.

While your girls are probably out on dates for Valentine’s Day, you will be cozy and comfortable. Another cheesy novel to consider is Shorty Gotta Be Grown by T.C. Littles.

And judging by the cover, you will be in for some very intriguing twist and turns. Tell the gritty tales of a young girl Porsha Jackson, who only way of life is growing up with hustlers.

Her father is one of the most feared and respected drug dealers in the city. As her mom is the shooter with a one point aim.

So, there you go, you have your books, wine and candles going.

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