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Know before you go:

If anybody in the world knows me, they would know, I didn’t get fat for nothing. I was bought up on smoked meat, and I am not bragging. It just the aroma that gets me going. I always had a thing for the smell of wood burning.

And most of my relatives used wood to BBQ their meats and vegetables. My uncle use to always say, if you don’t have wood with that charcoal, the smoking is pointless.

St Louis is gearing up to welcome thousands of smokers, and BBQ enthusiast to the city. Keep in mind this is the home to the famous St Louis Ribs.

According to Delish, St Louis-style ribs just might be the best kind of ribs. For the traditional style, use spareribs and ask your butcher to cut them St Louis style. This means that the breastbone will be cut off and the ribs will be in a rectangular shape.

My mouth is getting watered, and I had them type of ribs just last week.Now, back to the Q in the Lou event.

Q in the Lou: The St Louis BBQ Festival:

BBQ, BAND and BEER is what they are promoting this great event as. The 6th annual Q in the Lou is taking place October 1-3, 2021 in Kiener Plaza. That is a weekend of succulent delicacy and stomach filling fun.

Past events of Q in the Lou Photo by The Associated Press

They are smoking 18 thousand pounds of meat, from award winning pit masters from all over the country.


Friday, October 1st is 5pm to 9pm

Saturday, October 2nd is 11am to 8pm

Sunday, October 3rd is 11am to 6pm

Entry is free; BBQ, drinks and more will be available for purchase

You may also purchase a Q PIt Pass to get all you can eat and drink!

So tell your trainer you are going to St Louis, MO and will be back in the gym afterward, because this event is surely not one you would want to miss.

St Louis history:

For a few years, up until just recently, the separated city from county St Louis has been named the one of the most dangerous cities. But it has dropped out of the top spot and is now remaining Missouri’s (2nd largest city limit) largest metropolitan area.It is also the Top 5 Best Start Up in the Midwest and is about to complete a multi-million dollar world class MLS soccer stadium west of downtown. Also for the first time the city has a new black woman mayor Tishaura Jones, and like me I am sure she will be out welcoming you in town.

However crime is something that we as residents think about everyday.

While traveling to and around the the Lou, there are still areas in St Louis you should avoid.

  1. North county: Jennings, Ferguson, Florissant, Glasgow Village, Castle Point, Riverview
  2. Some parts of north city: The Ville, Grand North, East of Grand and Ofallon and Fairground Parks
  3. East St Louis downtown and north of downtown
  4. Delmar metro link station, if you are trying to get off train and walk to the sites in Delmar Loop area at night
  5. Some parts of West city, Wellston and Dr MLK Blvd going east

Just to name a few hotspots for targets, so stay in your territory and you will be safe.

Downtown safety:

If you are hanging late downtown St Louis, it is best to stay close to your hotel. If you are out at night, hang with people you can trust. No assisting panhandlers, buying drugs, pulling out money or getting too drunk and mingling with strangers.

Iphones can get a lot of people in trouble, because it is the main necessity that thieves look to snatch. Keep your phones in your pocket or purse. Always have a clear picture to where you need to be when strolling downtown.

Do not be fumbling around in your rental car at night, playing around at ATM; trying get money. Get all your money early or just use a credit card.

Criminals anywhere, not just St Louis, like to target distracted weak people. If you can’t defend yourself, then yes you can become a victim. So, whether you are in St Louis or New York City, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Have fun and be safe while in St Louis. If something just doesn’t look right, call 911.

I don’t want to spoil the fun so click here for more information:

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