I am not a big fan of Lil Nas X, but I am a great supporter of a fabulous marketing strategy.

Rapper, producer Lil Nas X, an awards winner, Platinum phenom, is getting rich while making you take notice.

He has appeared on almost every stage that some only dreamt about.His music stays on the Billboard charts more than the birds.

In the bookstore, I was trying to find some puzzle books to take to a sick friend. And on the cover of GQ 2022; there he was hugging himself.

I remember maybe when I was his age, I use to have a subscription to the men’s fashion magazine. I was so excited to see him on the cover as Musician of the Year.

No matter what people say about him, he openly continues not to be afraid of his lifestyle.

He is a marketing machine and people are taking notice.

Sure the young man is black, handsome and a bit flamboyant.But he is making money and not looking back.

As the saying goes; it is called if you can’t beat him join him mentality.Because no matter what narrative you place on Lil Nas X, he comes back like a roaring lion.

GQ is no stranger to featuring our black men on their cover or in their magazine.So, here is what was the talk about Lil Nas X.

The features starts on page 82, Musician of the Year or MOTY 2021. ‘Sacred & Profane’

What works for Lil Nas X

How Lil Nas X conquered one-hit wonderdom to become a master of attention.

We all know the answer to GQ’s statement.He knew what to say and do at the right time.

He interacted with his fans and listened to them.His followers wanted more and he delivered.

He has the best of both worlds openly, which enabled him to express himself on an International scale. Moreover, he is never embarrassed or ashamed of being gay.

I remember reading tweets were a female stated to him that she didn’t care if he was gay. The young female fan still liked him and would continue to buy his music, even if her friends didn’t.

I think Lil Nas X strategic propoganda was to gain the trust of his female, gay males and anyone who believed in him.Secondly, it is working, this young man is in a very manly magazine, GQ.

On one photo by Paris Dukovic, he appears as a double, dressed in a printed gold silk dress next to himself in a tuxedo.

On the next few pages, he is seen out out the closet in a violet ruffled dress by Dior Haute Couture.He dons more suits and an elegant green gown before closing out the feature.

The interview went on to ask him about his gay life shenanigans. Lil Nas spoke with sincerity and he did not hold back.

So, I don’t want to spoil the rest.

You will just have to go to the bookstore and pick up a copy.

Lil Nas X life matters, so a lot of gay young men shouldn’t be afraid. Just be who you are.

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