A special Editorial opinion of loving the woman that bought us all here and why she always will MATTER!

Last year was a hard Mother’s Day moment, not only did my first cousins in Mississippi lose their mom. We all lost my late grandmother’s social circle middle child.

My aunt was the social glue that knew what everyone in the family was up to. She acts as the operator if you will, that kept my mom in St Louis, MO, abreast of current family’s events and passings.

My aunt’s death from cancer torn a hole in my heart. Because now as Mother’s Day fast approaches us, there is no one to connect my elder parent with the current undertakings of Mississippi’s family gossips.

Sure my mom has other siblings and countless nieces, nephews and greats. However, my aunt was the Mother of Sociability.

A mother is more than the woman that birth you, a mother is someone who loves you. And cares about how you feel and makes sure that everything is good in your life.

Last week a young man, who apparently (from mugshot) was very disturbed. Sadly, he killed his mother, because she wanted him out of her house.

Not that she was a bad mother, it is because she sensed as a mother that her child was going bad. A mother does those things, she rather see you out of her life rather than watch your destructive path.

The death of that Ferguson, MO mom may have been in a different sense, but our mothers love us to the point that she wants what is best.

An example, my late-older cousin abruptly announced to his mom that he was gay almost 50 years ago. His mother was not having that in her home, so she asked him to leave.

She wasn’t a bad mother, she just wasn’t accepting her son’s demeaning choice of how he was gay. In our family it is best to be gay but without the extra. Trust, they will know at one point who you are.

Our Mothers matter, no matter how stubborn, discriminating or manipulating they can be. The woman that carried you for 9 full months, or maybe less, is the reason you are here, thanks to God.

I have close associates in my life, who do not have a mother that is living. But today is still a day to prepare for remembering their late mom as well, ever more so.

It gets painful, but the memories and spending that precious time with her should bring al the more comfort. As a spoiled brat, I am not ready to let my mom go, so I empathize with a lot of them.

On the eve before Mother’s Day, we reflect on the woman that is the most importance to us. The stores will be packed and ready with fresh flowers, candy and cards to give to our Mothers.

Rather she is a wife, sister, daughter, special friend, remarkable woman, stepmom, mother-in-law, niece or mom-to-be, she is the woman we will be cherishing tomorrow, Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2022.

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