When you think about comic book illustrators, you just don’t think about black and a female. Well there are 10 in all, and we are taking you into the world of two of them.

Alitha Martinez, a comic book artist, who was born in New York, New York. She is the winner of the Eisner Awards in 2018, and the GLAAD media award for Outstanding comic book also in 2018.

Alitha was no. 1 on the list posted by 10melanin.com for best black female illustrators. Rightfully, she had been praised for her work on Marvel Comics’s Iron Man, the Heroes webcomics, and DC’s Batgirl.

Over the years, she had worked on some of the majors publishers: Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Archie Comics. In the 90’s she had attended the School of Visual Arts.

She was faced with many challenges being the only female in her cartooning class. She also worked as an assistant/inker for other creators, and later started on her own as an artist with webcomics series Heroes.

You may also find her work in DC Comics, Martinez co-created the villain Knightfall in Batgirl #10 (August 2012). Martinez should forever be grateful to editor Jose Quesado who recognized her talent.

Courtesy of DC Comics

Bianca Xunise, is also featured as the no. 2 Top 10 black female comic illustrator. And she is from the Midwest of Chicago, Illinois. She is also part of 5 other female comic book artists who create a daily strip called Six Chix.

In 2018, Xunise self-published and released Say Her Name, which deals with the reality and anxiety of being Black in America, for which she won an Ignatz Award.

Courtesy of Bianca Xunise

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