No mother, wants to lose a child, rather they are living in the back woods of the ghetto, the sprawling suburbs or the maiden of Hollywood. The news of Academy Award-winning Regina King’s only son dying by suicide, had sent shock waves and condolences.

The actress, famous for the hit 80’s series ‘227’, did speak on her son following his death, calling her son “A Bright Light.” But there are so many words a grieving mother has to say, because this was her child.

Like Regina and many other moms who have lost teens and young adults to suicide. The question always remain, what could I have done to prevent my child from carrying out such a final moment of life?

For Regina, it is certain that she is more of a grieving mother oppose to a famous celebrity. There are rumors surfacing already, but only God knows why he killed himself.

Yet, we will never know the truth. I just know this is not good news for the actress who has given us so much just recently.

Ian Alexander Sr., his father, Regina’s ex husband has not officially commented about his son’s suicide. But I am sure the young man that held his name will cause him to come forward and discuss his death,

Regina King won an Academy Award in 2019 as Best Supporting Actress in ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’, a moving film that set the stage for many more accolades.

Regina stated to People’s magazine that her family was devastated to the highest level.

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