Athletic wear giant, Converse is getting in on the Black History fit. As a result, they are introducing a unique collaborative effort with the Black Image Center.

The Black Image Center, are a group of creators, who are black. And they are using their art to power progress.

There are also some local organizations that they have collaborated with, to honor the black heritage and joy. While, Converse is instrumental in making the world know that they support the power of the black art.

Since 2015, Converse has proudly donated and pledged nearly 3 million in grants to support the Black community in the U.S. and U.K. In addition to, a collective 40 million commitment from their Nike, Inc., family dedicated to ending racism in all forms.

I am about to give you a short glimpse of this huge project by Converse. Moreover, I do have links if you want more detailed infomation.

Their local community partners in Boston:

  1. Artists For Humanity
  2. Hyde Square Task Force
  3. OrigNation Cultural Art Center
  4. The Theatre Offensive, and many more, just to name a few.

Here are just a few of the 5 filmmakers from all over the world that Converse is highlighting.

John Boyega x Converse are bringing the next generation
of filmmakers in London into the spotlight.
Follow their journey at @Converse_London on Instagram

Courtesy of Converse @AdeFemzo Actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur
Courtesy of Converse @shotbylorraine
Filmmaker and photographer

You may go here to get the complete list of creators.

Here Her Here

Spotlighting the work of local Black femme artists
in Los Angeles.

They are also partnering with creative teams around the country that break cultural barriers and create
more opportunity for Black femme artists. And for Black History month, Converse kicks off a collaborative series with artist collective For Freedoms to launch Hear Her Here in LA.

April’s Bey work is the realization of a childhood AfroFuturist fantasy, that Black people come from another planet, Atlantica. And that their alienation, realized as racism, is because of this cosmic connection.

Therefore, in her paintings, she presents characters who live beyond racist structures in a realm full of color.

“To me, LA is a melting pot of yellow light spread out, but intergalactically connected.”
“And My Flames Stay Till You Get Out My Way”

To view more click here. Photo is courtesy of Converse.

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