A few years ago, M4MM arrived to the state of Missouri and got the mass ready for cannabis. Minority 4 Medical Marijuana set up lectures, boot camps and seminars, while traveling between St Louis, Columbia and Kansas City respectively.

As a result, the company which is deemed to be successful in some areas. But, when it comes to inclusion of diversity, Missouri fall way behind other progressive state.

M4MM is a Florida based non-for-profit community organization that helps minorities learn about medical cannabis.

More about M4MM.

M4MM is remarkably focused on advocacy, training, outreach and education; they even have a “Social Cannabis Brand” Look Book. The Look Book link can be found by going to the web page.

M4MM is spearheaded by Roz MCCarthy, the founder, CEO and creative voice. Moreover, she works with great impact to see that minorities are part of this billion dollar industry.

Just last week

M4MM took to Las Vegas, for a Dice Mixer, continuing their work in inclusion. The Diversity in Cannabis Experience, kicked off with a VIP reception at 7pm, and at 8pm it was opened to the public.

Even though, Covid-19 is still wading in the waters. The cannabis industry is still raking in the leaves. Cannabis stores and pop up shops are raising signage everywhere you look.

But where is the inclusion?

Liberty Cannabis is a new cannabis store that is opening in the Central West End neighborhood of St Louis, MO. But, when I asked about minority inclusion, there wasn’t anyone available to immediately answer my concern.

Finally, the questions are, with all the resources available to our minorities? There are a lot of keeping them from getting their doors open to the public.



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