Picture/Video: The snap-shot update of The Black Wall Street in St Louis this weekend

One of the organizers and a media affiliate of The Narrative Matters' family Denale Powell was on hand.

A few weeks ago, our Event blogger Lacey ‘G Souldier’ did a story on an event that has everyone talking. A highly anticipated historic annual Black Wall Street 314, that brings a lot of people together just for a short while.

One of the organizers and a media affiliate of The Narrative Matters’ family Denale Powell was on hand. In addition, he was excited to shared some great moments and figures of the warm day in St Louis.

A little history about the infamous Wellston Loop. The Wellston Loop is located in mainly western end of St Louis. Where the northern side of suburban Wellston, MO is located.

It has seen its share of poverty, violence, prostitution and urban flight. A flight that sent the loop dwellers packing and leaving a hotbed for seedy affairs.

Now, Black Wall Street of St Louis wants to bring back the glory days. Moreover, when we had a public library, Sear, Jupiter, JC Pennys, Woolworth, restaurants and many more thriving businesses leading into Wellston.

Wellston is considered an inner-ring community of the city of St Louis. Like many of the 92 unnecessary municipalities, its population peaked at 2,313 residents. In the entanglement with corrupted government of the past, crime is still an issue, and businesses just there.

But when you cross over Page Ave., to the western side of Wellston, it seems to be balancing out; Metro Link Station, industrial parks and a looming cannabis center and upscale home’s construction.

So, enjoy the photo gallery from our boy Denale Powell, with the winged hat and shades.I also want to credit more good colleagues in promotions, James Witherspoon and Benu Ra, for their photos as well.

Benu Ra

The car show champion James Witherspoon:

KSDK video

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