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The World Trade Center attack can be seen miles away in NYC

My first cousin died today from Covid-19, and he was fully vaccinated. However, doctors in Mississippi are thinking maybe, just maybe, he had contacted the virus and then got vaccinated.

I am not sure if they will ever find out how it happened. My cousin condition deteriorated as soon as he had to be ventilated.

My story was supposed to be about the 20th anniversary of 9/11.Nonetheless, the pandemic of Covid-19 is still causing a memory of its very own.

On September 11, 2001, around early morning, I was getting dressed, having coffee and about to grab my car keys.

I was never a TV person, so I had jazz music blasting on my stereo. At the time I was a landlord, so I had the luxury of being a bit obnoxious with my music toward my tenants in my building.

My best buddy hit me up, it had to be around 10 in the morning; I was a nurse tech at an AIDS Hospice, so I had to be on the floor by 11. She told me to turn on my television, someone just slammed into my favorite Twin Towers.

I told her I didn’t have time for her jokes about my World Trade Center twin towers in New York City. I loved the buildings, I even had an architecture book with the towers on the cover.

As I watched the book, that was sitting under my stereo shelf.I turned on my television, and quickly CNN was covering the smoky ruins of the towers.

I was so horrified, just as much as I was full of anxiety with Covid-19. I couldn’t believe someone would be so cruel to harm the building and the thousands of people that could be in there.

My fear became sympathy, as I prayed that the people got out safety. But that wouldn’t happen, as I witness people jumping off the 110 story buildings.

What do you say to your children about 9/11, when you have so much to say to them about Covid-19 and the surge?

I sat there in my living room with my keys in my hand.It was a nice sunny September, as it is now today, 20 years later.The first thing I did was called in from work, and rushed to see my mom.

My mom was the most comforting and strong person I knew.Here I was that year, a big hulk of a man, and needing my mom.

When I saw her, she was so sad, she had seen the news as well.She knew I had to work, so she was hoping I was at work and not stressing.

9/11 bought the nation together as one. Everyone became related to each other; no racial tensions or bad vibes.

We were a loving nation breaking our necks to console one another.I remember seeing a young man, who clearly was a drug addicted begging on the streets.

I took the man to the store and bought him something to eat. It took me days to get back to work, but I made it.

I watched as the horror of seeing those people screaming and begging to get out of those burning buildings. There also was coverage of the New York residents rushing to get away from the area of debris and devastation.

I didn’t know what to expect, I don’t think President Bush or the world knew what was next. But we made it through, as professional baseball in NYC resumed on September the 21st, with a game in Flushing, New York, between the NY Mets and the Atlanta Braves.

According to USA Today News: A new documentary, premiering on MLB Network at 10 p.m. ET on Thursday, tells the story of baseball’s return to New York City, 10 days after the terrorist attacks that toppled the World Trade Center’s twin towers, when the Mets hosted the Atlanta Braves.

There were other building hit in the USA, including the Pentagon. So, we as Americans were faced with a lot of destruction and over 2,500 fatalities that year.

The USA was crushed into a million pieces on September 11th, and there were finger pointing going every which way they could. Life moved on slowly and several memorials remind us that we must stay strong and get through the madness.

Here is more from around the nation.

Please take the time out tomorrow to remember those who lost their life in this horrific act of terrorism.

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