The holidays are in full effect, so it is time to get that favorite gal something she truly can feel. All ideas can fit in Santa’s bag and get down the chimney in time.Editor-The Narrative Matters.

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If you’re shopping for Black-owned gifts for a Black woman who loves tech and gadgets, we’ve put together a collection of items that you can probably impress her with. And if she likes comfort, convenience and cutting-edge technology, you’re definitely in the right place. As a bonus, we’ve included a couple of Black woman-owned brands. Mention this casually after she’s opened the gift and then sit back and watch her smile get even bigger.

Here are our Black-owned tech gifts for her:

1. Expression Wired Earphones

Jrumz Expression Wired Earphones
Jrumz Expression Wired Earphones

Company: Jrumz was founded by award-winning audiologist Dr. Lana Joseph. The ear wear company caters to musicians and audiophiles, while also advocating for new opportunities for audiologists.

What Makes This Product Special: These customizable, ergonomic earphones are for creators and anyone who appreciates crisp sound. They’re designed by audio experts, so they’re comfortable without sacrificing on quality, and they also offer a level of active noise cancellation. 

Price: $154.99

2. F3 Phone 

Figgers F3 Cellular Phone
Figgers F3 Cellular Phone

Company: Figgers Communication Inc. is America’s only Black telecommunications company. And their founder Freddie Figgers, who’s also a computer programmer, inventor and software engineer, is one of the youngest Black owners of a telecom company in the country.

What Makes This Product Special: This one’s for travelers because you can use it anywhere and on any carrier across the globe. It’s a dual-SIM unlocked device that allows you to create multiple user profiles and even configure the same phone as your personal and business phone. 

The F3 also offers unlimited storage (no more deleting photos!) and it learns from your usage and adapts accordingly.

Price: $399

3. Gen One Sweater

Coral LNQ Gen One Sweater
LNQ Gen One Sweater

Company: Spatial Labs is led by 25-year-old digital architect Iddris Sandu. Iddris is a real-life genius who’s worked with greats like Nipsey Hussle, tech giants like Google and Meta, and been honored by President Obama.

What Makes This Product Special: This insanely high-tech sweater has a blockchain-enabled microchip embedded on the sleeve, which transforms it into a digital passport and entry-point into the Metaverse. And you can add links to community-based platforms like Discord, Spotify and Instagram, and even create a profile with a picture and other media to make it easier to connect with other people.

Plus it has hidden side pockets!

Price: $499

4. Sifa AUS-YG3 Ladies Smart Watch

Sifa AUS-YG3 Ladies Smart Watch
Sifa AUS-YG3 Ladies Smart Watch

Company: A Unity System was founded by Tonee Bell to bridge the digital divide by offering products that are affordable and accessible to the average consumer.

What Makes This Product Special: This elegant smart bracelet watch has a fully customizable screen, and all of the features that you’d want in a wearable device. It continuously monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and even your menstrual cycle in real-time. 

The Sifa also monitors your sleep cycles and just gives you a good picture of your physical state overall, while allowing you to listen to music, take calls and send texts. What else do you need?

Price: $69.99

5. The Solars Smart Eyewear

NSPRE™ Solar Smart Eyewear
NSPRE™ Solar Smart Eyewear

Company: NSPRE™ Lifestyle is the only Black woman-owned consumer electronics company in America. Founded by tech entrepreneur and branding specialist Chaymeriyia Moncrief, their mission is to “inspire the culture through social technology.”

What Makes This Product Special: The Solars protect your eyes from blue light, reducing eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue, while allowing you to listen to music at the same time. The Gworls really like them because they’re discrete, so you can listen to music and tune the world out without anyone realizing.

Price: $79

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