We were in a meeting at The Narrative Matters just recently, discussing assignments and other things to beguile our audiences with enticing contents. Yet, Immigration was one of our new focal points.

And just so happen, my client had an interesting cookbook in the study. The Kitchen Without Borders, Recipes and Stories from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs caught my eyes.

I am a foodie, and I love talking about recipes from time to time. So, it was so fitting to sit back and check out the immigrants, who have made the USA home with their hometown menus.

Eat OffBeat is a catering company based in New York City. In addition, it features off-the-beaten path cuisines and creates quality jobs for home cooks who just so happen to be refugees and immigrants.

Forbes and Food & Wine are one of many media outlets that have featured Eat OffBeat. The book was published in 2020 in New York by Workman Publishing.

I love pizzas, so of course seeing Nepal’s Chef Rachana’s recipe for Napali Pizza caught my eyes. A former Napalese Rachana had moved with her family to New York City to escape an unstable government.

Back to the pizza; features Semolina flour, that is made from durum wheat. Which in turn make it coarser and more complex than the flour we all know and love.

The Nepali Pizza also has plum or cherry tomatoes, scallions, yogurt, cumin, masala and more. Page 127 for more information.

Chef Larissa also a featured cook at Eat OffBeat. An African native, she left her country for the best.

In return, she joined the team of Eat OffBeat reunited in New York with her family.

For the yogurt lovers, Chef Bashir, who left Afghanistan with his sons. Has a salty yogurt drink with mint called Bashir’s Doogh. You will find it on page 182.

I love spicy food, so her 6-servings Red Pepper Soup indeed caught my eye. The Central Africa Republic has various regional dishes, including fufu made from cassava, foutou made from plantains and much more. So, this collaborated soup with pureed red bell peppers and brioche crouton is part of her culture.

One more chef featured in the book, also from Africa, Chef Rose. She with such a bubbling smile, also escaped the hardship, and doing well with Eat OffBeat.

The current state of immigration in the United States

One in seven U.S. residents is an immigrant, while one in eight residents is a native-born U.S. citizen with at least one immigrant parent. In 2019, 44.9 million immigrants (foreign-born individuals) comprised 14 percent of the national population.

Let’s not play spoiler, so click here and order the book now.

Why does US immigration take so long? Warning: The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in especially long delays in every part of the immigration process, owing to staff shortages, backlogs, and at times, U.S. government office closures to in-person visits.



This is courtesy of Amul, Chef Rachana

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