Originally published May 27, 2022

St. Louis has taken some big hits over the decades; losing population like a bad marriage. Yet those that have left only walked across the road to the county.

The county of St Louis, if you will. Whenever you ask anyone from anywhere within the metro area, where are they from?

They won’t say Ferguson, Wellston or Clayton, they are going to say St. Louis. Because, St. Louis is a the main perimeter, even after losing almost over 400,000 residents in over 50 years.

A beautiful city that impress upon the Mississippi river to the east, and suburban to the west the Missouri river flows. Yet the powerful symbol that radiate St. Louis’ charm is the world famous Gateway Arch.

The Gateway Arch is 630 feet tall and remind the world that St. Louis is in a class by itself. But St. Louis city limits is smaller than its western neighbor Kansas City, Missouri.

Yet, St. Louis has the largest media market and metropolitan center in the state. In addition, its ranking for the MSA is 21st in the United States. In addition, people chose to live out west in suburban St. Louis, than in the city itself.

And did I mention the free world class consistent no. 1, Zoological Park, located in the US largest urban park Forest Park. Moreover, Forest Park was the host of Missouri’s only World’s Fair in 1904.

Keep in mind, we may have dropped from being the most dangerous town. Yet still use caution as you explore.

How to stay safe while a tourist:

  1. Know where you are going at all times; don’t always rely on GPS, use common sense.
  2. Do not sit in your car after 2 am; criminals creep at night
  3. If you know you are a target; females, elders and some soft-males (Especially Caucasians). Don’t be associating with undesirable downtown or near your hotels. Say hi and move on. No lighters, no cell phone use or handing out coins.
  4. Keep your bulky iPhones and others out of sight. Use the phone and pocket it.
  5. Keep your jewelry in a safe at the hotel. DON’T walk downtown St. Louis being flashy.
  6. Car accident, stay in car. Call 911
  7. Panhandles and the unhoused are not your friends or your charity, please use pre-caution, especially downtown, when handing them money or a conversation.

Don’t be walking around trying to get scammed or car jacked inquiring about dope.

One last thing, travel with your group, don’t try be curious George, and go it alone, because most criminals look for those who are alone and unfamiliar.

Some great attractions to enjoy during the day:

  1. City Museum; great for kids and adults
  2. Forest Park/Zoo
  3. Busch Stadium/Six Flags St Louis
  4. Ball Park Village
  5. The Gateway Arch; not a good option after midnight
  6. Horseshoe Casino
  7. Union Station
  8. Central West End
  9. City Foundry
  10. Plaza Frontenac
  11. Delmar Loop
  12. City Park Stadium

Some Top Eateries:

  1. Sugar Fire BBQ
  2. Trainshed
  3. Peacock Diner in Delmar Loop
  4. In Da Loop Restaurant
  5. The Cheesecake Factory
  6. Salt & Smoke BBQ
  7. First Watch Brunch Restaurant
  8. Maplewood Deli/Coffee Shop
  9. Cathy’s Kitchen
  10. The Hill
  11. The Historic Armory (world largest bar)

This Memorial Day weekend and summer, St Louis Argus wants you to come to our city, but please watch your surroundings.

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