If you haven’t already, here are my top 5 black plays you should be checking out. A trip to your local theater or to NYC’s Broadway should be on the itinerary right now.

Michael Jackson, Startin’ Somethin’

Michael Jackson was the most electrifying mainstream pop superstar to ever grace the music industry. His new Broadway musical show is titled Startin Somethin. directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon.

Warmly, taking the members of the audience on a journey throughout the history of the pop icon’s life. It will give you an in-depth look inside of this creative genius mind as you get to take a trip down memory lane enjoying some of Michael’s greatest hits.

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Thoughts of a Colored Man

Thoughts of a Colored Man is a broadway play by Keenan Scott II about the hopes and dreams of seven young black men. This amazing piece of art blends spoken word and humor into a powerful production. This play has an all-star ensemble cast and is sure to give you an insight into the thoughts that African American men.

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Chicken and Biscuits

Chicken and Biscuits is a hilarious play by Douglas Lyons about An African American family. While at a funeral for one of their loved ones, family secrets begin to come out during the service. This non-stop action will have you on the edge of your seat as tempers rise with each secret that is revealed.

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Lackawanna Blues

Lackawanna Blues Is a one-man play by the phenomenal Tony’s award winner Rubin Santiago Hudson about the adoptive mother who raised him in a 1950s boarding house who opened her doors to anyone in need. This play is filled with great music to captivate your mind as it tells the stories of this heroic woman.

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Trouble in Mind

Trouble In Mind is a very important play by Alice Childress about discrimination in the theatre industry dealing with Ego, Racism, and Identity. This play was written over 60-years ago and still deals with the same prejudices that are going on in the entertainment industry today. This play opens a dialogue about issues that get swept under the rug.

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