Discover the hidden gems of Black-owned homesteads, farms, orchards, vineyards, foraging forests, apiaries, ranches, and markets with The Green Green Book.

 Las Vegas — Indigo Rain Publishing has announced the early summer release of the  ground-breaking book, The Green Green Book – The Traveler’s Guide to: Black-Owned Homesteads, Farms, Orchards, Vineyards, Foraging Forests, Apiaries, Ranches, and Markets, by author, Dr. LaTatia  Stroud. Indigo Rain Publishing is known for its Black Tribe online platform that also publishes both Black  Tribe and Black Homesteaders Magazines. The Green Green Book, the publisher’s first feature book, has  already skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon in its category for new releases. 

The Green Green Book is a traveler’s guide dedicated to uncovering the vibrant tapestry of Black  excellence in agriculture across the United States. Less than 2% of farmland is Black-owned, and the  numbers have persistently dwindled. From historic family farms passed down through generations to  innovative urban gardening initiatives, from bustling farmers markets to sprawling vineyards and  orchards, this groundbreaking guide highlights the breadth and depth of Black agricultural heritage and  innovation. The Green Green Book provides an opportunity to support Black farmers, ranchers,  beekeepers, foragers, homesteaders, and others by visiting them to observe how they do what they do  and buy what they offer.

The Green Green Book is more than just a travel guide — it is a celebration of culture, community, and  connection which includes: 

• A comprehensive list of Black agricultural businesses, ranches, apiaries, markets, and more in  the U.S. 

• Original passionate poetry, photographs, and historical accounts and testimonies • Breakdown of reparations and statuses of legal cases 

• Black agricultural organizations, networks, and HBCUs 

• Black-owned seed companies 

• Black-owned retreats, excursions, and travel groups 

• Steps in applying for a farm number 

• Pages of grant and funding resources and more 

The Green Green Book pays homage to Victor Hugo Green and his humanitarian vision, The Negro Motorist Green-Book (aka The Green Book), which became a comprehensive safety manual by providing  a directory of Black-friendly businesses during a time of heightened, legalized racial profiling, and  violence. 

About the Author Dr. LaTatia Stroud, known by her Choctaw name, Rain Angeni, is an Earth steward, writer, and multi genre artist. Rain is the founder and CEO of BLACK TRIBE, a thriving community of over 167,000  members who unite to support each other on the journey to self-sufficiency through land, home, and  business ownership. Additionally, she established the popular Black Women Homesteading Facebook  group. Rain has earned a bachelor’s in behavioral science, a master’s in human services administration,  a second master’s in special education (supervisory and teaching), and a doctorate in curriculum design  & educational leadership. In 2010, Rain founded International Online High School, which focuses  instruction on social justice and advocacy while providing a rigorous college prep curriculum. Her school  now services students from PreK through adult education. Since its opening, over 6,200 students have  successfully completed classes and have gone on to excel in colleges and universities abroad. Purchase The Green Green Book on Amazon at and

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