Discover the power of UrbanMD TV with BET Networks Chairman Emeritus Debra Lee as she discusses its impact and breaking barriers in media.

Fox Soul | Impact Network – Monday, 6pm EST

SEGMENT: “My Heart Attack Testimony”

SEGMENT: “From Imprisonment To Empowerment”

LIVE CHAT: “Impact Of Sex On The Heart”

THROUGH A MULTICULTURAL LENS: Urban MD TV is the only 360 Health & Wellness entertainment platform designed to explore and promote healthy lifestyles, discuss and highlight trending procedures, physical fitness, mind and body rejuvenation, mental health, products and technology innovation, and much, much more..

Minority Health is now prime-time news with UrbanMD TV airing Mondays on Fox Soul and Impact TV, streaming across both networks at 6pm EST.  The only national news show focused on Black and multicultural health issues, UrbanMD prioritizes the care and wellbeing of all people of color. Hosted by board certified surgeon, Dr. April L. Spencer, and board certified family medicine physician, Dr. Lauren Powell, the series airs weekly with episodes also available online via UrbanMD TV on YouTube.

Additional Airings On Impact TV: Wed/Fri 6pm; Tue/Thue 7pm, Sat 4pm (all times ET)

EPI 102: Heart Disease | Fitness Entrepreneur | Food Is Medicine

“My Heart Attack Testimony” featuring Dr. YEWANDE AUSTIN; special guests Cardiothoracic Surgeon, DR. William “Coop” COOPER, and From Imprisonment To Empowerment With Fitness Entrepreneur, JOE HOUSTON, JR.

IN THE URBANMD TV CHAT: The Impact of Sex on the Heart.

EPI 101: Kidney Disease | Mommy Makeovers

“My Kidney Disease Testimony” featuring CRYSTAL KING, founder of The Kidney Champion Foundation; (Kidney Disease) featuring” CRYSTAL KING.

IN THE URBANMD TV CHAT: Mommy Makeovers with Board Certified plastic surgeon, DR. AISHA BARON, founder of Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive.

EPISODE 101: Kidney Disease | Mommy Makeover

UrbanMD TV | Mommy Makeovers with Dr. Aisha Baron, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

UrbanMD TV | Debra Lee, BET Networks Chairman Emeritus, on The Importance of UrbanMD


UrbanMD TV | Allan Houston on the Importance of UrbanMD TV

EPISODE 102: Heart Disease l Fitness Entrepreneur l Food Is Medicine

UrbanMD TV \ My Kidney Testimony // Crystal King Misdiagnosed with HIV

UrbanMD TV | Do to Medical Distrust, Crystal King’s Family discontinues Medical 

UrbanMD TV l My Heart Attack Testimony with Dr. Yewande Austin

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