Join the celebrations in Washington D.C. this Independence Day with an unforgettable fireworks display on the National Mall. Don’t miss out!

Fireworks in DC has always been the centerfold for celebrating Independence Day.

Assuming 2024 fireworks are similar to year’s past, here are some suggestions about where to watch the fireworks in DC:

    • If you want to watch on the National Mall, you’ll need to keep on eye on entry points and prohibited items.
    • The steps of the Lincoln Memorial and grounds around the Washington Monument are usually the most popular places and people come out early in the day to grab a spot.
    • Certain areas of the National Mall are usually closed (around the Reflecting Pool for example)
    • The steps of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are also a popular place to gather to watch the fireworks.

Other Places to See Fireworks

While the most exciting place to see the fireworks are on the National Mall, if you’re trying to escape the crows we have some other options:

  • Find a rooftop bar.
    • DC has some incredible rooftop bars, which are great places to watch the fireworks from. One great spot is the W Hotel’s POV rooftop bar, which overlooks the National Mall.  The Watergate and Kennedy Center Rooftop are also great options.
  • Go up hill:
    • Many locals head to areas up the hill from the National Mall such as the National Cathedral – which has ample grassy spots to sit and watch. Or a hill a little closer is Capitol Hill and the steps of the Supreme Court offer beautiful views but be warned that right now not all the highest steps are accessible by the public.
  • Watch from Virginia.
  • Watch on the Potomac.
    • Take a boat cruise! There are a number of options to choose from, and this is a great way to see the show with a unique twist. 
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