The Board of Directors of the George Floyd Foundation unanimously have named global economist Dr Lance McCarthy Economic Advisor. In this role Dr Lance will lead efforts of the foundation in fundraising, sponsorships and events.

The world saw the horrific ordeal of Floyd’s senseless death at the hands of a racist policeman. After George’s death the foundation was established to provide social and economic justice education, youth services and workforce development.

“I’m humbled and honored to accept this position to assist in economic and social justice” said Dr Lance. “My entire career of economic development and social equity has brought me to this point.”

Dr Lance will be creating national partnerships with those organizations in the field of social justice.

Dr Lance political, tech, sports, celebrity and global contacts will be leverage to assist in the vision and mission of the organization. Dr Lance has been an advisor to two US Presidents, Urban League Affiliate President, Ted Talk and Harvard Lecturer, Co Founder of Ferguson 1000 and an Author “Wall Street to the Hood.”

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