Travel to Ethiopia through your taste buds at Shewa Ethiopian Restaurant. Experience authentic flavors and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture


Hello and welcome to Shewa Ethiopian Restaurant. An authentic Ethiopian restaurant located in Washington DC. We are proud to present to you an exquisite and authentic cuisine from one of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia, a country of three thousand years of history, thirteen months of sunshine and home of the earliest known humankind, Lucy, our ancestor.

Est. 2003

Shewa Restaurant DC is a family owned restaurant serving the DC area since 2010 and keep offering ourspecial American and Mexican dishes. Starting from our food truck serving hot dishes multiple places in the DC area for more than 15 years under thename of Rebecca Ethiopian Cuisine


Vegetarian + Chicken + Beef+ Lamb

Our menu characteristically consists of vegetable and often very spicy meat (Beef, Chicken and Lamb)dishes. This is usually in the form of wat, a thick stew, served atop injera, a large sourdough flatbread, which is about 50 centimeters (20 inches) in diameter and made out of fermented teff flour.

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We are located in the heart of Washington DC


  • 1824 Benning Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002
  • (202)450-4606
  • (301)905-2823

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