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Fundamentals by Linda Pritchad…the soft skill, style and workplace readiness organization for people aspiring to know and do better

Linda Pritchard
is the founder and principal consultant of Fundamentals by Linda Pritchard. She has been a workforce educator for over 20 years and takes pleasure in all aspects of personal and professional development.  She is dedicated to community service and providing every client with the soft skill tools necessary to be successful professionally and personally.

With a mantra of “Please and Thank You” are always in style!” Linda has long promoted continuous improvement and positive self image.  She is a dynamic presenter who has worked with organizations, corporations, educational institutions and individuals to increase professional and social savvy and confidence levels.  Linda is a former corporate trainer with a wealth of experience and leads lively, informative training sessions on a multitude of topics for all ages.

As an emerging authority on soft skill, style and workplace readiness issues, Linda’s background in fashion merchandising and workforce development has affirmed the belief that professional and social protocol are essential components of everyday life.

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