Racial Reckoning Part I:

Good DEI vs Bad DEI

Monday, Jan. 30, 2023
1 p.m. Eastern

On Jan. 30, MMCA is launching Racial Reckoning: Moving Toward Transformation and Healing, a discussion series that will examine what, exactly, has changed or not changed in the 2+ years since widespread rallies for racial justice rocked the world, and what it will take to harness our renewed awareness of racial inequity into transformation and healing. 

Each one-hour, news-styled discussion will provide insights and spark debate that will then be summarized in a news story that, along with related content submitted by journalists and other contributors, will be syndicated and distributed to hundreds of BIPOC media outlets via the BIPOCXChange Media Wire. 

In Part I of the series, “Good DEI vs Bad DEI—Why it Matters,” we’ll speak with top diversity, equity and inclusion experts and business leaders about the dangers of tokenism and what real change looks like.

Next up, we’ll unveil and unpack ground-breaking research by MSNBC news anchor Richard Lui on how Black employees experience race in the workplace, and what they—and top CEOs attending Davos—really think about workplace efforts to improve DEI.

Finally, as part of our effort to confront the pervasive trope that Black equals less than, we will discuss Dr. Dre’s seminal album “The Chronic,” which turns 30 this year, and how it both reflected the reality of the times and helped create a springboard for BIPOC liberation. 

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