Unmasking has been pretty traumatic for me.  

The wearing of masks was a call to action for public health, public safety.  Becoming a symbol of solidarity for the health of others.  A personal perk for me was that it also eliminated the need for makeup, lipstick and the shaving of my mustache.  

The mask tucked in my triple chins nicely, giving my profile an instant lift.  Best of all, hiding my chin hairs.  I was enjoying life behind the mask.  Becoming a mask fashionista, in the name of encouraging the wearing of masks.  But once the restrictions were lifted, and my mask came off, it revealed the image of a vieja (old lady) staring back at me from the mirror.  

The reality of the slow deterioration of my skin, taking place under the mask, hit me hard.  My face and neck were a canvas of cracks, spots, discoloration, skin tags.  I’d already endured the harsh effects of breast cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, medication causing my face to swell up my eyes to sink into their sockets and to lose every hair follicle on my body. 

When my hair grew out, it sprouted like an uncontrollable crop of weeds, all over my face. Mostly on my upper lip, sides of my mouth, my chin and neck chins.   I’d pull one hair and a new crop would show up in its place.  

Hair, hair coming out from everywhere … on my face, chins, ears…aye!  

My plucking and pulling of those facial hairs only made things worse.  My skin began creating crust-like pimples around the hair follicles, a habit that intensified during a time when we were encouraged NOT to touch our faces!! 

When the mask mandates began, I barely paid attention to the morphosis taking place behind ‘the curtain’(mask.)  Soap, water and a bit of Vicks was my beauty regiment.  When the mask came off, I was left with the harsh reality that the vieja staring back at me from the mirror was in fact, me.

Home remedies, scrolling through Google, trips to the stores, eyeing the aisles through a sea of products for a solution, only added more wrinkles to my face.  The stress magnifying itself through discoloration spots, dark circles under, around and above my eyes.  My jowls meeting my triple chins was the last straw.  Causing me to re-evaluate my priorities.  

When it comes to inanimate objects, I’m on top of things.  Quick to save for that special something, something I want.  It seemed only fitting I focus on the health of my skin as I enter into this post pandemic new world. 

I repurposed my savings into an investment plan for the health of my skin care and headed to the offices of Enhance MD (formerly Andros Med Spa.)   https://enhancemdbodyskin.com/

I walked straight into the arms of Dr. Inell Rosario MD, an Otorhinolaryngologist  (ow-toe-lah-ruhn-goh-loh-jest) or specialist in disorders of the ears, nose, throat and cosmetics.  Dr. Inell is a St. Paul Minneapolis Magazine Top Doctor and Best Doctor for Women, with over 23 years of experience in the medical field.

Surrendering to Dr. Inell and her trained team of medical estheticians to guide me through my rejuvenation journey, trusting the connection of the external me with the internal me will reveal not a vieja in the mirror … but the warrior I am.

More to follow…

Dr. Inell Rosario, MD, Enhance MD Body and
Skin Clinic (formerly Andros Med Spa.)

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