Discover how Grind time’s Visionary Center is empowering communities by challenging minds and transforming lives through health and fitness.


Grindtime Fitness supports the Visionary Center, founded by John Smith.

Mission – The Visionary Center exists to promote total health across the community through activities that foster a culture of healthy lifestyle practices among individuals and families.

Vision – To see a culture shift among Detroiters pertaining to lifestyle practices such as nutrition, physical fitness, and mental wellness.

The Facts:

  • 8% of African Americans are considered overweight or obese
  • African Americans are 20% less likely to be treated for depression
  • 6% of African Americans have fair to poor health
  • Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the leading causes of death in the black community

Health disparities among communities of color are alarming. Due to historical racism, systemic issues, and access to mental health services, achieving equity in the area of health is a challenge. We believe that one way to put a dent in the statistics is to embolden Detroit residents with information and activities that aide in changing lifestyle practices and the way we think about health.

MENtality Youth Development Class – 2-Days each week young men in Detroit are being challenged physically and encouraged mentally to be their best and strive for greatness in everything they do. This class is focused on emboldening young men aged 8-17 by providing them with the opportunity to both learn about physical wellness through an exercise class, and also mental wellness and social wellbeing through group discussions and lectures. 83% of Parents surveyed reported that their child had never participated in any kind of group mental therapy. 94% of Parents surveyed reported that they have witnessed enthusiasm and excitement from their child to attend MENtality class! 69% of Parents surveyed reported that their child’s grades have improved since being part of the MENtality program. 92% of Parents surveyed reported that their child’s behavior in school and at home has improved since being part of the MENtality program.

GEM Get Em’ Moving Class – Organized group fitness programming for Detroit seniors aged 60 and over. Group classes include fitness strength and conditioning, yoga, weight progress tracking, meal and nutrition planning, and mental wellness discussions during each program class.

All Visionary Center programs are conducted in Detroit.

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