Discover the inspiring journey of rapper 920, from homelessness to hip hop stardom through raw talent and resilience. An incredible story of triumph!

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Emerging rap artist “920” is making waves in the music industry with his raw talent and compelling backstory. Born on a military installation in New Jersey and raised between Memphis and Fort Walton Beach, 920’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Despite frequent relocations, he proudly claims Fort Walton Beach as his home.

920, whose real name is deeply tied to his family roots, chose his stage name in honor of his grandmother’s house in Memphis, located at 920. This house holds significant sentimental value; it’s where his mother was raised, where his grandmother passed away, and where he assembled his first recording studio. “I tattooed the address on me to take it with me no matter how far I’ve come,” 920 reflects.

Life hasn’t been easy for 920. He has experienced being in and out of homes and even faced homelessness at 18. “People aren’t new to dysfunctional families and sometimes when those personal differences can’t be overlooked, you have to move around,” he says, acknowledging the struggles that many face.

920 recorded his first track in a homemade studio set up in a closet in 2016. His musical journey took a detour when he went to play college football at Greenville University, only to be kicked off the team due to a lack of commitment. However, this setback didn’t deter him; instead, it reignited his passion for music. He spent time in the university’s state-of-the-art studio, learning and honing his craft despite initial technical challenges.

Since then, 920 has worked as a recording engineer, songwriter, and music video director for various artists. Committed to mastering his craft, he set a ten-year goal to become a super professional in music, and he is currently in his seventh year. The loss of his mother, Tabitha D. Hayes, in 2021, deeply impacted him, yet it also fueled his drive to succeed in her honor.

920 has released two albums and several singles with his producer, Ty TurnMeUp. This summer, he’s set to tour 18 cities with Pensacola artist Skeezo Dinero, alongside Luh Fizz and 12th Ward Dizzy from New Orleans. His latest release, “Imperfect,” is a raw, self-reflective piece available on all major streaming platforms. “Imperfect is me self-projecting my life events in the past year,” 920 explains, with the cover art depicting his unkempt appearance—a symbol of prioritizing responsibilities over personal grooming.

Beyond music, 920 is the Owner/Operator of Best In Productions, LLC. The company embodies his philosophy of always putting in the best effort to achieve the best results. Looking to the future, 920 wants to be remembered for his character, believing that it is the most important and unique aspect of a person. “Who you are as a person is what’s important,” he asserts.

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