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The brainchild of Nicola Charles, 11:Eleven gallery is a unique and dynamic addition to Washington D.C’s art scene, specialising in UK contemporary and urban art.

The name 11:Eleven gallery was borne from a strong belief in angel numbers.  1111 represents positivity, opportunity and manifestation of one’s goals, dreams and aspirations, perfectly representing the gallery’s values and vision.

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of the already vibrant art scene within the District by introducing a more international approach, bridging the gap between the US and UK art markets and introducing some truly spectacular and sought after pieces, whilst developing the careers of local and UK emerging and under-represented artists.

​We truly believe that art should be inclusive to all and exclusive to none, and this ethos is at the heart of everything we do; this is particularly visible in the work we do with schools in underserved areas, delivering an exciting programme of visits, artist and specialist talks as well as other events to keep children engaged in the arts and encouraging them to explore creative outlets throughout their careers as students and beyond. 

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About Nicola Charles


International curator and founder of 11:Eleven gallery, Nicola Charles was born in London, England in 1980.

Nicola began her early career in the Relationship Management team at Christies Auctioneers in London, before moving on to work in Professional Services for many years, eventually taking the plunge and re-joining the art world.  Since then, Nicola gained her Curating certification at the prestigious Sotheby’s and has quickly made a name for herself in the UK where she is highly respected in the Industry.

Nicola has successfully worked with reputable contemporary art organisations and galleries, including one of South London’s most notable Urban Art gallery, where she directed, managed and curated their most successful exhibition to date; A Journey Through Brutalism.  Nicola also played a major role in the organisation and execution of London’s largest urban art festival in 2018.  She has gained specialised experience working at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery and has worked with partners and sponsors at the renowned Affordable Art Fair, just to name a few of her recent achievements in the UK.

As an ardent globetrotter, her travels have contributed immensely to her passion for the art industry, providing her with a broad and worldly outlook within the Arts realm.  This combined passion has led her to Washington D.C. where she now lives and founded 11:Eleven gallery which opened its doors on 11 November 2019.

​Nicola sits on Artfinder’s Curatorial Board (find out more about this here) and can be contacted at or by telephone on +1 202 766 8283. 

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