“The total elimination of hate violence and Prejudice worldwide through the teachings of love and acceptance of all people.” 

That is the mission of “The Scary Guy.” Yes, he legally changed his name to The Scary Guy. That is not a typo. When coming face to face with this brilliant man who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, you might mistake him out to be a biker or a professional wrestler when looking at his extensively tattooed face and body, his gold-capped teeth, and studs throughout his eyebrows and ears. 

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Scary Guy is a podcaster, who writes classical music, a modern-day philosopher, he’s an artist, a singer, and entertainer, a performer and comedian, a tattoo artist owning three tattoo shops. And he has worked with over 7 million people.

Scary Guy

Dedicating his life going into schools, police forces, the military, and numerous community and corporate organizations. While teaching others his influential solution-based theories and concepts on human behavior and communication.

With all of his monumental success and achievements, it’s hard to believe he was once a baby portrait photographer and computer salesman. The Scary guy has a strong message for people all over the world. “You don’t eliminate hate with hate.” As he continues to put things in place to create change in the world, the Scary Guy has issued a challenge to everyone “For seven days and seven nights in a row, don’t say one negative thing about another person on the planet or call another person a name other than their own, and if you slip up you have to start back over. Teachers said, “Oh, I can do that, and they have been on the challenge for ten years because they thought it was easy.”

Scary Guy

With  October being Anti-Bullying month, that’s vastly approaching. I asked The Scary Guy to touch on the subject of bullying.The Scary Guy stated, “Everything that comes out of a bully’s mouth is a reflection of that individual because it came out of their brain. Just cause they said it to you doesn’t mean it belongs to you.”

The full video interview:

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