It has been an interesting 2021 in the music industry, and a plethora of music had being released. The industry is always looking to keep the fans interested. Just like with the Verzus battles between R&B and Hip Hop legends, I am here to pique your interest.

The Top 10 Independent Music Artists:


 Is an 18-year-old artist from Vancouver, Canada. After going through a drug-induced psychosis, He came out of it making exceptional music to help him get over that hump. His music has been therapeutic. Ekkstacy has amassed over 24 million Spotify streams, touring all throughout the world. 

G Souldier

Born and raised in St. Louis Mo., G Souldier is one of the most dynamic artists to date. Known for his versatility and supreme lyrical ability, this solidified MC released two highly acclaimed albums last year on the same day “Return of The EmCee” and “Therapy Session” on all music platforms. He garnered national attention after releasing his powerful song “Teardrops” for which he donated half of his proceeds from that song to a Domestic Abuse Foundation. 


Hailing from London, PinkPantheress is a superb singer and songwriter. In 2021, after posting several songs to TikTok that went viral, such as  “Break It Off“, she signed to  Elektra Records. She has peeked on the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart. Her unique voice and creative vision is making her a star on the rise. PinkPantheress’s music has been described as dance, bedroom pop, and alternative pop.

YC  Bey

Born and raised in St. Louis Mo. YC Bey Is known for his witty hardcore lyrics and hard-hitting punchlines, never taking off a bar when he puts his songs together. He has started gaining even more national attention by dropping freestyles daily on Instagram over popular song instrumentals. 


 Louisiana MC SSGKOBE is the most talked-about artist in the state. He had multiple songs go viral such as “Caddy” One thing that makes SSGKOBE stand out is that he doesn’t rely on already popular trends or sounds to garner attention. He has a natural talent for songwriting, carefully composing his music. His versatility is palpable. 

Rhoda G

Born and raised in St. Louis.,Rhoda G  Is one of the greatest saxophonists to grace our presence. Rhoda competed in the “Amateur Night At The Apollo” competition at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY.  Rhoda has performed with and opened for artists such as Donnie McClurkin, Chante Moore, Donell Jones, and so many others.

Terry Presume

“Music has been saving me from me lately,” says the 26-year-old, Nashville-based artist. Terry Presume is a real in the moment type of artist. One thing that makes him so unique and allows him to stand out is that he makes music about how he is feeling at that exact moment. You can definitely hear this in his new track “Zaza and Some Runtz (Smoke Break).” 


Doechii is A talented Tampa, Florida artist who grew up cheer-leading, doing ballet, and tap dancing. She entered the Indie scene in 2018 with the release of her first single, “Girls” followed by “Spookie Coochie” in 2019. After she opened up for SZA on the Good Days Tour. It inspired her to once again make a big push with her music. Doechii’s sound is mixed with a blend of pop, hip-hop, and dance.


South Carolina-born, Indiana-bred rapper Midwxst is an artist that separates himself from the rest of the pack. He is cut from a different cloth when it comes to music. The Midwest native dropped his project SUMMER03 last March with his hit song  “Trying”  going viral with over 1 million views on Youtube. Midwxst expertise is high-energy rhymes over electronic beats  

Kocky Ka 

Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, Hip-Hop artist Kocky Ka has made a name for himself throughout the bureaus of New York. He has phenomenal energy and is very charismatic on his tracks..He made his official debut as an artist in 2020 with his first official single “Never Had It”.

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