Zupanova’s music, fashion, and culture are storming the world. The group consists of Rawcel (songwriter of the Black Eyed Peas) and Davy Brown (Multi-Genre Producer, Instrumentalist. and Recording artist). When asked about how they came up with the name Zupanova? Rawcel stated, ” Los Angeles is a big melting pot.

We were inspired not to be in one lane with all the diversity. We challenged ourselves to be creative. We wanted the name to reflect all directions. That’s what represents us.

The energy, the vibe, the culture. We wanted to have everything covered from Z to A. Davy Brown says, “Goal number one was to have diversity. We wanted to show the world you can come from different backgrounds and make it work.”

Courtesy of ZupaNova

After having two successful songs reach the top 40 Charts, Zupanova is back at it again. They linked up with Pop sensation “IAKOPO” to create their catchy smash hit “Don’t Think.”  Davy Brown says, “It was a whole vibe creating this song. I picked up a guitar. People started sharing stories; People started doing a melody here and there. We started jamming, and it just started boiling and became a song.”

I asked Rawcel what writing and touring with Black Eyed Peas was like. “It’s different from what people may think—seeing my friends come from sitting on crates writing in the studio to selling out stadiums. It’s inspirational. I was just chilling with my homies, doing what we love. we pushed ourselves to be creative and outdo each other.” Zupanova is also a member and ambassador for Ambition.org.

Rawcel states, “It’s a compelling organization. We are working with disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles creating theme music and mentoring, and we created virtual concerts through the pandemic.” Davy Brown says, “It’s an honor to be a part of that campaign. We are putting together a college educational tour soon as well.”

Watch the full Interview to see their In-depth story and to hear a never before told story from the group.


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