Join Dule Hill as he explores the vibrant arts scene across America in PBS’s ‘The Express Way’ and discover the heart of our nation’s creativity.

Dulé Hill, widely recognized for his versatile talents in acting and tap dancing, has carved an illustrious career path that spans both stage and screen. From his early beginnings in Broadway productions like “The Tap Dance Kid” to his breakout roles in television series such as “The West Wing” and “Psych,” Hill’s journey is a nod to perseverance and passion.

However, his latest endeavor takes him beyond the realm of scripted entertainment into the heart of America’s artistic communities.

Premiering on PBS, “The Express Way with Dulé Hill” is a four-part documentary series that embarks on a transformative journey across the nation.

Alongside director Danny Lee, Hill explores the profound impact of the arts as a catalyst for self-expression and positive change. Venturing to California, the Appalachian region, Texas, and Chicago, Hill connects with local visionaries, activists, and pioneers who are harnessing their creative passions to create connections and deepen empathy within their communities.

Each episode of the series unveils remarkable stories of resilience and innovation. From a man in Appalachia teaching former addicts how to craft stringed instruments to the Grant Avenue Follies captivating audiences in San Francisco’s Chinatown with their unique blend of poetry and performance, Hill encounters a diverse array of artists making meaningful contributions to society. Along the way, he engages in heartfelt conversations about the transformative power of art and the universal human spirit that drives individuals to effect change, regardless of fame or fortune.

Hill’s own journey as a tap dancer and actor infuses the series with a personal touch, as he reflects on his upbringing in East Orange, New Jersey, and his early experiences on Broadway. With each tap of his shoes, Hill honors the legacy of his mentors like Gregory Hines, carrying their wisdom and inspiration forward into his interactions with the artists he meets.

Through “The Express Way,” Hill delivers a powerful message of empowerment and community building, reminding audiences that everyone possesses a unique gift waiting to be nurtured and shared. Regardless of status or stature, each individual has the potential to make a profound impact on the world around them. As Hill eloquently states, “We all have a light that’s inside of us, we all have a seed that’s planted inside of us that we are supposed to nourish, and we are supposed to water to make our community, our world, a better place.”

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