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New Orleans’ teenager Dennis Barnes, is already surpassing multi-million-dollar records, and attracting attention from colleges and universities across the country. The student has broken the record for the most scholarships received by a college-bound high school senior. 

Barnes, who likes to go by his middle name Maliq, is 16-years-old. Barnes is a senior at International High School in New Orleans and has earned more than $9 million in scholarship money throughout the college application process, breaking the previous record of $8.7 million. Barnes applied to 200 schools and has been accepted to 125 of them.   

Barnes wants to major in Computer science. Despite the record-breaking achievement, that wasn’t his original goal when he started his applications. Barnes stated “I started to apply to schools, and as I’ve gone through the process, the numbers just started increasing. I was getting acceptances, I was getting money and it was growing exponentially.” 

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The school is now working with Guinness officials to confirm the record. Dennis Barnes isn’t stopping there. Now that he is on a roll, he wants to shatter the record even more and cross the 10 million dollar threshold.

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