This former model and dancer is a ray of sunshine. The published author, Metaphysician, entertainment personality, photojournalist, and abstract expressionist painter Osiris Munir, is no stranger to the Entertainment World. 

Osiris Munir

She has worked with some of the most elite talents in the industry. While spending a few years in the navy, she served as Jr. President for the Northern California NAACP. 

After penning a letter to seven-time Grammy award-winning producer, vocalist, and arranger, Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire about her being a metaphysician, Maurice called Osiris on the phone and gave her a personal invitation to visit the Complex Studios in West Los Angeles. 

They became great friends. Afterward, Osiris became a model and dancer working with legendary Jimmy Locust, now a choreographer for Janet Jackson, among many others. Osiris continued flourishing as she worked as a talent/media rep for the Universoul Circus.

As she became more popular, receiving much notoriety in the business, Osiris published her book ‘Nita’ which recounts her life from the streets of Waco to Milan and ultimately reaches Hollywood’s lights. Nita painstakingly explores and navigates through the vehement circumstances and experiences that crucially shaped her life. Her story exposes the struggle for gender, racial, sexual, and economic equality in a society pleading for revolutionary exploration of inequality and otherness. 

Osiris Munir

 The highly successful Osiris launched her company Ankh Entertainment, where she produced her popular show “15 Minutes. The Show.” Osiris states, “I have always been interested in doing other things, and I love talking to people, but I didn’t want to be on the air for an hour.

So, the term 15 minutes was a catchy thing. I thought it would be interesting to talk to people for just 15 minutes, So I named my show 15 Minutes The Show, and I have been on the air for about eight years now.” 

With her hands in so many great things, Osiris is nowhere near stopping; she has just signed on to become the fashion columnist and writer for ‘Zo Magazine.’

Osiris states, “Its a magazine based on the visions and creative minds of people that came together to create, peace, harmony, and synergy.”

When asked when it all is said and done, she is long gone from this earth. What is it that Osiris wants the people to know about her? “That Osiris stood for the truth that I stood for commonality amongst everyone. and believe I made an impression regardless of race, color, and gender. I’m just a human being. I’m no different than anyone else. I created my life.”

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