She is a Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumna, Global Goals Ambassador, UNA Women’s member, Global Goodwill Ambassador, and a United Nations Global Water Partner. When Lumbie started out, She was never a philanthropist at all. Lumbie states” I stumbled on becoming an advocate for water. After my father passed, He had a project that was undone and I was asked to finish it. I didn’t realize how much of a humongous project it was.”

Ever since then, Lumbie has been an active advocate for clean water and empowering women and girls to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Lumbie started a non-profit organization using her father’s name which is  “J.B. Dondolo” She decided to name the organization after him because it serves as a constant reminder of who she is, why she is doing the project, and at any time if she feels like giving up, it reminds her that her dad would have kept pushing through. fundraising has been Lumbie’s biggest challenge. Her greatest accomplishment has been providing the water systems and seeing the reactions of the women after they receive water. That has been the greatest joy of her life.

One big campaign project that Mlambo is working on is the Music for Water Song Competition, which is the brainchild of her board member “Beatrice Davis.”  They are Looking for songs that are water-inspired  from artists of many genres. The Grand prize top 3 winners will receive a worldwide distribution deal with the record company “Grand Mountain International records” which is based out of Germany. It’s free to submit your song. Being that the organization is a nonprofit, all they are asking is for you to donate.

to submit your song go to

When asked when it’s all said and done “What is it that she wants the world to know about her?  “That I did my best. I was not perfect. I never look for perfection. For me, good is perfect. and anybody can make an impact on the world.”

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