Geir Ness is one of the most prominent celebrity designers whose fragrances and handbags are worn by millions all over the world. Born and raised in Norway, Geir Ness was asked why Norway/Scandinavia had never produced a perfume. This led Geir Ness on his journey to become the first Norwegian to develop a perfume as he met a chemist who advised him to search for ingredients that he liked to create a delightful fragrance.

After several years of research and tests, he created the fresh, clean, and crisp sensational “Laila.” Geir Ness named the fragrance after his mother. After copying her signature and having it silk-screened to the bottle, Geir Ness surprised his mother with it on Mother’s Day. Laila is one of the top-selling fragrances in the world. Geir Ness stated “When I was a little boy my mom used to take me to the mountains. I used Norwegian wildflowers because they had a beautiful fresh clean scent. I wanted to capture that essence that reminded me of my childhood, So I took all those experiences with me by using the wildflowers and placing them in the fragrance.”

Geir Ness

Geir Ness is also a motivational speaker who strives to encourage others to think positively instead of having a negative mindset. Many people have been influenced by his brand.  “One guy came up to me at Disney. He said he was in a bank to pay his bills and behind him was a woman that was wearing my fragrance. He said she smelled so good. They exchanged numbers and would end up getting married. They named their daughter after my fragrance. Those stories allow me to know that I’m doing more than just creating a fragrance, I’m creating families.” 

I asked Geir Ness when It’s all said and done and he is long gone from this earth. What is it that he wants the people to know about him? “That I made a difference for people that had a dream. I want everyone to remember that I was a person who cared about people and animals.”

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