Gully has a solid ensemble black cast who delivers amazing acting to a not-so-great film. The movie revolves around three African-American young men in Los Angeles California.

 Jessie played by (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) is a mute who has a mysterious living situation with his guardian, Mr. Charlie. Calvin, played by (Jacob Latimore) has strong mental health issues and is the ring leader out of the three. 

Nicky, played by  (Charlie Plummer) learned how to be violent from his father and now is about to become a father as he struggles with past issues. Other notable actors in the film are Jonathan Majors, Terrence Howard, Deray Davis, Robin Givens, Elizabeth Possey, and Hip Hop great Travis Scott.

The film showcases the extreme trauma the three young men went through as children during flashbacks throughout the movie. The trio seems to be addicted to violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto and lives out those scenes in real life. 

Gully gets edgier and uneasy to watch as the characters find their escape by going around town committing senseless acts of violence which appear to be a response to how they feel society has treated them. Without giving away any spoilers, the film begins to take off towards a downward spiral as a secret is revealed about one of the characters. 

The cons I have for this film is that it fails to deliver that grit and authenticity that films such as Menace To Society and Boyz N The Hood have done in the past when it comes to urban classics. The movie also stars Terrance Howard who plays (Mr. Christmas) a homeless man who seems to be a vital part of the story but eventually in the end offers no real substance to the script. 

The film also hops around trying to jam-pack so many loose ideas that they never really connect. This will leave audience members confused. 

In closing, Although the film fails to achieve its goal, it can be watched just for the cast alone who gave over-the-top performances to try and save an otherwise subpar movie. I believe the cast is destined for more promising roles and opportunities. I give this film two and a half stars out of 5.

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Gully is now streaming on Hulu.  

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