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We hear of many great entertainers who come from rags to riches stories.  Laying out the path that took them from point A to B. But there is no story greater than Kareem “Reemo Meerak” Tyson.

Kareem was born in East Harlem, New York, but was raised in Laurelton Queens. He is an amazing actor, media personality, and Podcaster. 

Kareem considers himself an introvert and extrovert. He has a very bright future ahead of him, but life hasn’t always been easy for him coming up in the entertainment world.

His name Reemo comes from his time playing basketball and Meerak is his name spelled backward.  Kareem was always told by his friends that he was destined for stardom.

Photo by Reemo
Photo by Reemo

They told him he was  animated and that he needed to be in front of the TV, or be a model. Even though others saw his phenomenal talent, Kareem’s focus was heavy on playing basketball with hopes of making it into the NBA. 

It wasn’t until he went to a house party one night and had a chance meeting with a guy who he says”looked exactly like Lupe Fiasco” is where his life began to change. The guy told him that he needs to be on TV and that he needs to go to this talent agency.

Kareem made up his mind and went to Central Casting and said “It was the best 30 dollars I spent in my life.” From there he acted in background work in TV shows such as  Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, and Law and Order SVU where he got to meet Ice-T and have great conversations.

That catapulted his career as he started getting local buzz and launched his imprint ReemTV. From 2006 till 2010. Kareem could do no wrong.

He was hitting the entertainment industry full steam ahead, getting opportunity after opportunity. Then in an instance, it all abruptly stops. The phone stopped ringing and his opportunities became ice cold. 

Kareem fell into a heavy deep depression. Once depression sank in. He thought it was over for him. Kareem had multiple suicide attempts. He stated “creatives have a different mindset. It’s either create or die. We feel if there is no purpose, then we feel it’s over.”

It took him two years to get out of his funk. I know this is something a lot of people in the entertainment industry go through, The thoughts of feeling hopeless when the success well dries up. Making irrational decisions and permanent solutions to a temporary problem, so I asked him what made him get out of his depression.

“I stepped back from everyone. I don’t advocate that, But that’s what helped me. I advise anyone else to go get help.” Being away from everyone allowed him to build self-love and not appeasing himself for anyone else. Kareem started building himself from within.  

He got back on his feet and transitioned to media, co-hosting his home girl’s show  In 2015, Then he started his own show Reem TV radio. He was on a hot streak on the independent and mainstream circuit.

Then the biggest risk he took was in 2016 when he stopped everything. This time, from his own doing. He wanted to come up with ideas and different ways that he could separate himself from the pack.

He came back to media doing a show titled Rich Off Life TV with Jhana G. His greatest gift was when a Public Access channel gave him his own show. They awarded him the show on Dec 12th and he had to get his show in by Dec 24th. His first season was hard, he missed deadlines and much more. However, before the second season, he took it upon himself to learn the behind-the-scenes work, such as lighting and editing and the show became very successful.

Photo by Reemo

After being in the industry for 11 years. He received one of his greatest accomplishments when he won the audience choice award at the 2017 Hip Hop Festival.

The emotions were overwhelming as he cried uncontrollably. This award was won right back in the city that he was born in, Harlem. 

Kareem would go on to win the Public Access Media Award in Arts and Entertainment in 2018. When asked about what has been one of his most difficult challenges in the industry, Kareem thought for a second and said “The way I have to market myself now is the biggest challenge, not my talent, but the marketing.”  

Some of his greatest moments in the industry were meeting and flicking it up with Kevin durant, being media on fashion week, interviewing Smif and Wessun on his birthday, and meeting Mike Tyson. Kareem would love to work with Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, and Will Smith

Today Kareem is still shinning as an Actor, Media Personality, and Podcaster, as well as an educator. He is also an A&R for WorldWide Soundz Records alongside owner and Ceo Dj Chase.

I asked Kareem when it’s all said and done and his career is over. What is it that he wants people to know about him? “That I was a hardworking individual that cared for my passion and the craft that I did. I never wanted the spotlight. I just wanted the business. the fame is cool. But I always wanted the business and to be an impact within the business and the culture.”

Kareem says “it’s never about the start. It’s always about the finish”

Here is the interview on You Tube: https://youtu.be/I66drTS18Kw

Email: BookReemoMeerak@gmail.com

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