As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, We honor all the great figures who have made a difference for blacks. Amidst all the trendy music where rappers rap about guns, drugs, sex, and money. These five artists use their voices and influence to speak out and evoke change. Here are the top Hip Hop artists that are activists.

Killer Mike

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Killer Mike Is one of the most outspoken social activists that we have in this day and age. Mike travels around the world giving lectures on race relations at universities. He is vocal on the issues of social equality, systematic racism, and police brutality. He is constantly using his dialogue to try and create change through lawmakers. He also is the host of his own six-part docu-series on Netflix titled “Trigger Warning With Killer Mike” Where he talks about social change, religion, and poverty through educational social experiments.

Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique was born in Peru but raised in Harlem, New York. The underground rap legend has been a powerful voice in hip hop over the years. He has constantly spoken out against the different cases of the struggles in ethnicities, institutional racism, and the government. His music constantly teaches and influences the oppressed people to grow. Immortal Technique visits prisons to speak to youth and he works with immigrant rights activists. He is instrumental in raising money for children’s hospitals overseas.

Talib Kweli

Born in Brooklyn, New York, the iconic hip-hop Legend is known for his strong political views. He is an adamant advocate on behalf of political prisoners. He believes the youth have the power to make change because they can go out in the communities and actually get things accomplished. He challenges the way people think through his music. Talib feels that you can’t create change from just being at home on a computer. He feels you have to be active physically and believes protesting is always important. 

Lauryn Hill

Was born in Newark, NJ. Her activism impact is very inspirational. She was blacklisted from the music industry for being an outspoken Black Woman. Her album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” which has now gone diamond, broke the silence of black feminist issues in hip-hop and claimed unprecedented power and space for women. Her lyrics have always been fierce and her melodic singing voice draws audiences inside of her lyrical diary. She runs a non-profit organization called the “Refugee Project” that organizes charity concerts, registers voters, and sends kids to camp.

Kendrick Lamar

Born in Compton, CA. Kendrick has been a prominent activist since he began his music career. . His music speaks on oppressive conditions, racial and social discrimination, and the stereotypes caused by drugs, and gun violence. The music videos he makes always showcase an underlying creative tone that speaks out against the injustices against blacks. He has donated plenty of money to the Compton Unified School District’s programs and after-school programs. He believes this will keep the kids in Compton in the classroom and not on the streets. 

The impact of hip hop on activism, culture, and education Courtesy of Ohio University

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