The New Year is finally here, and since we are hanging back due to a new variants, we have found new ways to be entertained.

Over the past few years, podcast shows have been dominating the market, especially during the pandemic. With different Covid-19 strands coming out every few months, and a multitude of people being afraid to go out in large groups. 

Many people have been seeking entertainment from home. Households have been tuning into podcasts for excitement and to get through their day.

Here are 5 of the top African-American podcasts that you should definitely tune into this year.

UnCensor The Conversation Podcast

Photo courtesy of Uncensor

Hosted by Lacey “G Souldier” Turner with original panel members Stacey White, and Tabatha Chanta, and new addition panel members Rakisha Vinson and Donnell Johnson. They all bring their unique personalities to this amazing podcast that has been running for four years strong. They are thought provoking and speak on current event topics as well as serious issues that people avoid such as suicide, bullying, and mental illness.

They also do a Battle of the Sexes episode once a month. This show premieres live on Facebook on Monday Nights at 7p.m., Central time.

And you can always catch the episode the next day on Spotify, IHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, and a list of others.

Courtesy of Lacey

Diary of A Mad Black Man Podcast

Photo Courtesy of Andy Grant

Is a podcast hosted by Blake. Created in 2019, He created this podcast to heal and share stories about life, mental health, therapy and God. Blake strives to end the stigma of mental health for black men and the black community. This podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, Audible,Podbay, and a list of others.

Therapy For Black Girls Podcast

Photo courtesy of Michelle Lloyd-Page

This podcast is about personal development, Mental health, and all the personal decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. This podcast is hosted by  Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. She offers many services including helping Blacks girls find a therapist if needed. This podcast can be streamed on Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, and many other podcast streaming sites.

The Stoop Podcast

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Is a podcast about blackness, race, and identity in America. Hosted by Leila Day and Hana Baba. These two people go in depth as they uncover stories that are not always shared out in the open. They engage with their audience and give you their viewpoints on these issues that continue to arise in America. This great podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, IHeart, and Radiotopia, and many others.

The Digital Gumbo Podcast

Photo courtesy of The Digital Gumbo Podcast

This podcast is focused on the news and current events with an urban perspective. It is hosted by Nookie Bishop, Jr., T. Petty and Idris Elbow. They give their points of view sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always thought provoking. This phenomenal podcast can be streamed on Apple, IHeart, Audible, Amazon, Podchaser, and many more


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