I had an opportunity to interview Kyjuan, a member of one of the greatest pioneer hip hop groups The St. Lunatics. Now,, Kyjuan has a new outlook on life. His focus has been on pushing his brother Murphy Lee’s music.  

Being broke

I asked about the lyrics more famous, but broke at the same time?. “Our broke is still somebody else rich. Money makes people around you happy. It’s only so much money you need right now, I have the least money that I have had in the business.”

“But I have the most happiness. There were a lot of things we did helping a little too earlier. However, coming from nothing, we felt it was just right”


There has always been a stigma from artists in St. Louis that Nelly never helped any up-and-coming artists. “It’s not about faults, but about your mind frame. He worked hard to make sure we were cool.”

Nelly is an artist, he is not built to wake up and think about anyone. Check this out, Me, Ali, Murphy, and Slo Down can give away 1000 turkeys, but you still gonna be like where is Nelly? The help can always be right there in front of you.”


The Lifetime Achievement award was discussed, in honor of Nelly. Kyjuan believes he should have acknowledged Ali. Because irregardless, they all played a vital part in the successes of each other’s careers.

“I believe lack of communication has a lot to do with the issues that have been taking place. We talk to more people that we don’t know. more than the people we do know.”


Kyjuan believes that streams are hurting the artists in the industry today. 

“Just cause a person listens to your stream, it’s not supporting the artist. Artists are happy with people just noticing them instead of trying to make money. So, with Murph, we will give you singles on platforms but you have to go to the website to purchase the album.”


Last year Kyjuan had a stroke and is now a vegan.  He doesn’t know where it came from, but detailed that he was stressed. Finally, Kyjuan wants you to know that your health is the most important thing.

“A stroke is mental and people go through a lot of mental problems right now. Words like anxiety are very real. I think everybody needs to go get checked out.”

“Life is important. go get checked out at the doctor.it ain’t nothing but a bill.” He continued to add.

Career highlight

The highlight of his career up to this point is his track that he dropped titled ‘Talk That Shit Time’. It’s important to him because this is the first time he chose the beat, did the hook, and did it down his lane on what he liked. 

“When it’s all said and done. What do you want the people to know about you? I want them to know that I sacrifice a lot for others.”

The podcast interview

Courtesy of Lacey G Souldier Turner

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